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Walking Dead Season 7 Ratings – It’s a Doozy!

TWD Season 7

TWD Season 7Last Sunday, which was October 23rd 2016, the world was treated to an incredibly intense season premier for AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Ever since the cliffhangers of season 6 left fans stunned and wondering what would come of the group and just what to make of the villain Negan, the premier of Season 7 have been highly anticipated. Ever since the promise of one of the most brutal, bloody and violent television episodes in the history to television shows.

This season’s launch was so anticipated, in fact that this was the show’s second highest rated episode. Ever. And that is rather impressive given previous seasons’ amazing Nielson ratings results.

20.8 million people tuned in for the episode, when looking at Live+3 Nielson data.  What that means is 20.8 million television sets tuned in either live or watched the show within the next three days from when it originally aired.

According to the data from Nielson, 17.1 Million viewers tuned in to the episode to watch it on Sunday. Keep in mind that the New England Patriots were battling it out with the Pittsburgh Steelers that same evening and the NFL is always a big draw, ratings-wise.

Walking Dead Season 7

So, if we take the 17.1 Million from Sunday and add 3.8 million viewers over the next three days, as the data indicates, we arrive at 20.8 million viewers. It probably also means that individuals who were watching NFL live caught the premier Walking Dead episode in playback.

Nielson’s Live+SD percentage increase for this episode compared to last year’s is actually greater than the Live+3 ratings. What you can extrapolate from that is that more people actually wanted to catch this new episode live, as it happened than previously. Season 6 L+SD to Live+3 variance was around 4.9 Million whereas Season 7’s sat at a very health 3.8 million.

Well done, Mr Kirkman!

The episode can also be found on AMC’s website here:


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