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The Walking Dead: Season One Scorecard

Walking Dead Season 6

We have reached the end of The Walking Dead Season One. If you have missed any of my reviews, be sure to go and check them out. As promised, I have created The Official Comic Booked Scorecard for The Walking Dead: Season One.

Season One Scorecard

For those of you who are fans or have at least read my reviews, you will know that we had six main casualties in this first season. The first casualty of this entire show was the right hand of Merle Dixon. A moment of silence please… Remember that in Episode One Merle was handcuffed to the pipe on the rooftop in Atlanta and had to be left there because T-Dog dropped the key. Merle proceeded to cut his own hand off to escape. So far, no further sign of Merle other than we know he cauterized the wound.

Next casualties were Ed, Amy, and Jim, who each were either killed or bitten in the walker attack on the camp. Ed pretty much died right away while Amy died in her sister Andrea’s arms. Jim was bitten and had to be left by the roadside on the way to Atlanta as the rest of the group headed to the CDC.

At the end of Episode Six, Dr. Edwin Jenner of the CDC decided that he was ready to “opt out” and locked down the CDC so that everyone would die. While Rick and the rest of the survivors found a way to escape, Jacqui decided to stay. This was a very sad scene and a strong way to end the first season as they were engulfed in the fireball that destroyed the CDC.

A big thanks to all the folks out there that read our articles and a special thanks to Todd Erwin, the graphics designer that helped me put together this Season One Scorecard. He is also the graphics master behind our page banners. If you are looking for any graphics design stuff, check him out on Facebook. Look forward to full reviews of The Walking Dead Season Two coming next week and all through the month of June.

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