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The Walking Dead Season Two: All Episodes Reviewed

Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular shows on television. The mid-season finale for Season Five brought in nearly 15 million viewers. Compare that with the 112 million viewers of the Super Bowl this past year, and it is not much, but it is almost the same number of viewers as Big Bang Theory and other popular prime-time shows.

So, while you pine away for new episodes, I hope you enjoy my reviews of The Walking Dead Season Two. Just click a link to jump to the full review. And, don’t forget the Official Comic Booked Scorecard for Season Two!

Season Two

Episode One: What Lies Ahead

Episode Two: Bloodletting

Episode Three: Save The Last One

Episode Four: Cherokee Rose

Episode Five: Chupacabra

Episode Six: Secrets

Episode Seven: Pretty Much Dead Already

Episode Eight: Nebraska

Episode Nine: Triggerfinger

Episode Ten: 18 Miles Out

Episode Eleven: Judge, Jury, And Executioner

Episode Twelve: Better Angels

Episode Thirteen: Beside The Dying Fire

After you have tuckered yourself out reading all those reviews, be sure to check out the official Comic Booked Scorecard for The Walking Dead Season Two.

Season Two Scorecard

Thanks for following The Walking Dead on Comic Booked. Look forward to seeing full reviews of the rest of the seasons coming soon.

Walking Dead Season Two

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