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Walking Dead Season Two Recap: Episode 6

Walking Dead Season Two

Welcome back to The Walking Dead on Comic Booked, a regular even here on Comic Booked where you can catch up on all the older episodes of your favorite zombie show and get full episode reviews as we prepare for Season Five starting in October. This installment is covering the Walking Dead Season Two Episode 6, Secrets, and we will see if Glenn is really capable of keeping any secrets. He is carrying quite a few at this point, Lori’s pregnancy, the walkers in the barn, and even the fact that he and Maggie had sex. Shane his own secrets, as does Lori, so we shall see what comes out in this episode.

Season Two: Episode Six – Secrets

Carl is up and around, feeding chickens with his mom and looks a lot better. He expresses a grim statement about life that troubles Lori. “Everything’s food for something else.”

Walking Dead Season TwoPatricia is carrying out an odd ritual. Sneaking into another building and breaking the legs of chickens. She loads them into a burlap sack and a wheelbarrow and hauls them to the barn to feed the walkers there. Odd, creepy, and troubling. Why are they keeping walkers in the barn? Do they know something the other survivors don’t know? Or worse, is Hershel a leader of some strange walker-worshiping cult? We shall see.

Maggie was with Glenn, in fact they were supposed to meet for a little late night hanky panky, when he saw the walkers in the barn, so she is very concerned. Glenn just wants to know why. Maggie just asks him to keep it to himself.

In his tent, Daryl seems a little pensive, perhaps thinking over the trip that he took both physically and mentally, in the woods the day before. Angela comes into apologize for shooting him and he says that he understands she was just trying to protect the group. But, “you shoot me again, best pray I’m dead.” They both smile and perhaps draw a little closer because of this.

Walking Dead Season TwoLori is insistent that Glenn leave her alone about the pregnancy and keep his mouth shut, so he goes about his business. Shane, Rick, and Jimmy are reviewing the search plan for the day. Rick sets a new rule that no one goes out alone. Shane is preparing to take a group out for gun practice. Patricia and Beth show up asking to be trained as well. Even Carl wants to know how to use it. Of course, the fact that Carl was hiding a gun down his pants does not instill his parents with much trust.

Carl stands up for himself stating that he understands what he did was wrong but he wants to search for Sophia and wants to be able to protect the camp. Lori begrudgingly allows it. Glenn opts to stay with Dale to learn how to work on the cars. But the truth is that Dale is the old wise man of the group and Glenn just can’t keep his secrets.

Andrea turns out to be the star pupil at gun training. She is happy that Shane has decided not to leave. When she asks him what made him stay, he just looks over at Rick and Carl.

Dale goes to talk to Hershel, saying that he took a long walk that morning and ended up by the barn. Hershel explains his feelings about the walkers. Dale talks about walker in the well and says “We put down a walker.” “You killed a person,” Hershel says. His wife and stepson are in the barn. He believes the walkers to simply be sick people who can be cured and therefore holds out hope about them.

Lori comes to Hershel later and thanks him profusely for saving Carl’s life. Hershel mentions that with Carl getting better the group will be moving on soon to Fort Benning. He is ever hopeful that they will leave and allow him to return life to the simple way things were before. Simple and secure.

Meanwhile, Shane and Andrea are doing the advanced weapons training as she tries to hit a log that is suspended from another tree and swings back and forth. She is having a lot of trouble hitting it and Shane comes at her. He tells her she is too emotional and has to turn it off. He goes a little too far with the goading by saying that the log is a walker, coming right for her, ten feet away, now five, and that it is the walker that got Amy, her sister who died in Season One. She looks at him with disgust and walks away.

Lori approaches Rick to try to get some answers. She does not know how they can leave. Rick lets her know that his first priority is the group and their survival. He promises to talk to Hershel.

Meanwhile, Shane tries to apologize, but is not very good at it. The make amends and go look for Sophia. And back at the camp, Lori and Dale talk about her pregnancy. She is so worried because of Shane and Carl and all of the fear of the world. She is afraid there is no joy left in the world and that her baby should not have to suffer through this world. After their talk, she goes to Glenn and asks him to go to town for her.

Walking Dead Season TwoGlenn and Maggie head to town. They have a discussion about the walkers and how Maggie feels about them. She is mad at Glenn but still unsure of what she has seen. As they get to the pharmacy, he hands the list to Maggie and says, “Crawl out of my butt, help me look please.” She begins searching the shelves for the drugs that Lori asked for.

Suddenly, a mottled hand grabs her, enough to make me jump, and she yells for Glenn. Glenn jumps to, grabbing a shelf, and smacks the crap out of the walker, almost taking its head off. Maggie grabs him and hugs him, but the walker is right back up and Glenn goes after it with his machete, jumping on it and hitting it in the head over and over until it stops moving. How will this change Maggie’s mind about the creatures? No human person, sick or not, would still come after someone with their head lolling off to one side, nearly decapitated. When they return to camp, Maggie goes off on Lori for sending them to get her abortion pills. Maggie tells Glenn that she cares about him and couldn’t stand it if he became one of them, the walkers.

Walking Dead Season TwoShane and Andrea are exploring a housing development near the farm hoping that Sophia is hiding there somewhere. They begin a house to house searching, coming upon a house that has a boarded up hallway, as if they tried to make a stand. all they find are dead walkers and bunt bodies. As Andrea is lamenting that this was another dead end, walkers come at  them from under the open garage door. They make a run for the car, but there are quite a few walkers there. Shane takes many of them out until Andrea’s gun jams. He forces her to clear the jam and focus. She finally gets it and takes out three walkers as things get slow and quiet for her. Looks like she figured out how to separate her emotions. They make it to the car, but she stops, turns, and takes out one more walker.

Back at the ranch, Lori and Glenn talk about the choice that she feels she needs to make. Glenn got her prenatal vitamins as well, just in case she decides to keep the baby. Speaking of choices, on the road back, Andrea chooses to jump on Shane’s lap and go to town on him. Sex and violence, there is a connection.

Lori makes her choice. She takes the morning after pills. Then, she suddenly has a change of heart, runs out and throws them up.

Walking Dead Season TwoAndrea and Shane return from their… exercise?… and Dale tells Shane that now might be a good time for him to leave. Glenn tells Shane “I know what kind of man you are.” Dale realizes that maybe he went a little too far when Shane says that if he is that kind of man “what do you think I would do to a guy I don’t even like?”

Back in the tent, Rick finds the empty pill packets and goes looking for Lori. She tells him she is pregnant. The argument that follows reveals both of their fears and hopes. Lori does not want this baby to come into the world when it will constantly be in danger. Rick is more angry that she did not come to him so he could support her in her decision. Whatever that may be. Then he asks the question… “Is there anything else I should know about.” “Shane and I…”

With the end of this episode, there are still unanswered questions. Maggie and Glenn, does she hate him or really like him? Rick and Lori, will they be able to get over this and be a family again? What about the walkers in the barn? Find out all this and more as Comic Booked continues to review each episode of the Walking Dead.

Need to catch up? You can read my full reviews of each episode, as well as other Walking Dead stuff, right here.

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