Walking Dead Season Two Recap: Scorecard

Walking Dead Season Two

The Walking Dead Season Two has drawn to a close, and the group is moving again. So many changes since Season One, that is almost too hard to keep everything organized. Carl was shot, Sophia was lost, and the group had nothing within the very first episode.

As of the end of the season, we know that Andrea has been separated from the rest and has met some strange woman in the woods, a woman with two armless walkers on a chain, like pets. In addition, Lori is pregnant and Maggie and Glenn are an item. The team went through a lot this season, losing several close members and the home they thought would be a safe haven for the winter. But, before we talk more about the Walking Dead Season Two, check out the Official Comic Booked Scorecard for the Walking Dead Season Two.



Walking Dead Season Two

We should have a moment of silence for all the survivors that we lost during Season Two. Shane, Jimmy, Dale, Patricia, Otis… and poor Sophia. But not for Randall, Dave, and Tony since they all had it coming, right? It is all about survival now and Rick knew they needed to protect their people.

This season also saw the death of quite a few walkers, so I adjusted the final totals. At this rate, the world should be safe in another 5 or 6… million seasons.

So, give me your thoughts. Is this show just an exercise in futility? Can the survivors really create a home and protect it enough to return some semblance of society and technology? Maybe medicine and they can work on a cure to this thing that we now know all people are infected with.

Also, I would love your feedback. Are these worthwhile? Do you enjoy them? Do you disagree with any of my opinions? But, remember that this is only as of the end of Season Two, no further yet. I will begin working on Season Three and have the first review up in this week.

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