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Walmart Takes Cosplay To A New Level

Cosplay In Action Figure Style

Go to any convention in the world and you will quickly become familiar with cosplay. Men, women, boys, girls and sometimes even pets get in the spirit by dressing like their favorite super hero. The results can be both stunning and horrifying at times.

Until now, the ultimate experience as a super hero was limited to a costume and possibly a picture to immortalize the moment. Your day as Iron Man, Captain America, Green Lantern or Nightwing will forever live in memories created that day.

Ultimately, cosplayers will be rather tame in their actions. Sure, they may strike one helluva pose, but they are not exactly going to be jumping from building to building or dodging bullets. Underneath the awesome face paint, makeup and spandex, they are still human after all.

Walmart and Marvel have teamed up to offer comic fans in specific geographic locations the ability to go a bit further with their passion. Through a partnership with Hasbro and 3DPlusMe, fans will be able to put their head on an Iron Man or Captain America 12-inch action figure.

The process is similar to what toy companies do when rendering figures based on real life actors. The purchaser will have their head scanned in 3D. The image will be sent to the factory and a mold will be created from it. That mold is then put on to existing action figure bodies.

Boom! Instant, permanent, super hero glory.

Of course, it all comes at a price. The figures run $45 each and will be shipped either to the Walmart store they were purchased from or directly to the customer if they make the purchase at their local Sam’s Club.

According to USA Today, the limited availability of this promotion will roll out to 10 stores nationwide. If you live near New York, Los Angeles, Houston or Chicago, you’re in luck. If not, the company behind the technology visits various locations on an event based booking. Find more information about them at

In the meantime, if you have one of these action figures or plan to have one made, we would love to see the pictures here at Comic Booked. Send them my way via email and we will share your experience with all of our fans.

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