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Walter White from Breaking Bad is Secretly Spider-Man

Walter White

Breaking Bad is actually just a really elaborate and modern take on the origin of the amazing Spider-Man.  Other than the obvious fact that both of character’s names use alliteration (Walter White and Peter Parker), both have secret identities to protect their loved ones (Heizenberg and Spider-Man), and both are almost always suffering financial problems, despite their intellect and talents, here are a several more reasons why Walter White is actually Peter Parker:

Walter White

1. Both are scientists who use their nerdiness to aid them on their quest…
Walt is a chemist who uses his background as a science teacher to cook meth and Pete is a chemist who uses his background as a top student to make crime fighting gadgets.

2. Both are defined by their tragedy, not their acts…
Walt is dying and Pete has lost countless loved ones (his parents, Uncle Ben, and girlfriend Gwen Stacy just to name a few).

3. Both are controlled by the women in their lives…
Walt would be much more successful if Skyler wasn’t around and Pete would be much more successful if Mary Jane wasn’t around.

4. Both have become different people based on a sense of duty and obligation to family…
Walt became a meth cook to pay for his family’s bills after he dies and Pete became a superhero to avenge his uncle’s senseless murder.

5. Both conveniently ignore the fact that most of their problems are caused by their own actions…
Walt refuses to accept that he is just as bad as the men he has screwed over or killed and Pete refuses to accept that his uncle’s, girlfriend’s dad’s, girlfriend’s, and various ally’s deaths were his own fault for not stopping the bad guys to begin with.

6. Both turned longtime adversaries into lifelong allies after assuming new identities…
Walt befriended former student Jesse Pinkman and Pete befriended former bully Flash Thompson.

7. Both are constantly battling and somehow overcoming against unbeatable and “better” foes who are significantly out of their leagues…
Walt is always pit against the likes of Tuco and Gustavo Fring and Pete is always pit against the likes of the Green Goblin and the Kingpin.

Walter White

So there you have it.  The REAL ending to Breaking Bad is that Walter White went into a witness protection program, was adopted by Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and then became Spider-Man.



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