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WANTED: Black Widow – where are strong Marvel heroes for females???

Black WIdow1


Where’s Black Widow?  She’s key in Marvel movies, Avengers count on her, Nick Fury trusts her and Agent Maria Hill, Iron Man digs her, Hawkeye is her best friend and girls love her strength, courage and positive self image!  SOOOO…. where is she and why isn’t she out in the stores to purchase?

It appears there is a serious lack of Black Widow in merch, adverts and promos!

Travesty!!!  Taken off of her motorcycle on items for sale – replaced by another Avenger… No dolls, playable toys or any desirable items for anyone to purchase related to Black Widow, one of the best characters in a very long time to come out as an inspirational hero.  Black Widow had hard times as a child, was harmed and exposed to difficult adults –  but overcame these adversities to become a strong woman who is courageous, dedicated to duty and unafraid to jump out of a speeding truck, crashing plane, out of control automobile, etc…  Our kind of gal!

Where’s clothes with her logo?  Reasonably priced Black Widow pajamas to wear at night feeling like a hero? Where are key chains, t-shirts or hats with Black Widow logos, belt buckle shapes, her face or costumed likeness?

There appears to be a little dereliction to duty in providing fans with the opportunity to wear Black Widow memorabilia as a badge of courage, an honorable reminder of facing childhood adversity and coming out of it with – a few scars – but definitely as a better person!   She is soft yet hard, compassionate yet duty driven, brave but vulnerable!  We’re all there, and if we’re not, we’d love to see someone who has succeeded lead the way for us and be our impetus and motivator for where we want to be.

Who hasn’t driven home Fast and Furious after seeing the movies?   Practiced some ninja moves after seeing The Matrix?  Pretended to be Iron Man with their hand, threw an imaginary shield after seeing Captain America?   What girl or woman has pretended to be Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White, Mulan or Lilo?  Who has ever overcome adversity with strength, courage and still remain handsome, beautiful or just not disheveled – but still capable of taking care of themselves?   I think we all have!!!!

Today’s society needs heroes in every size, gender, ethnicity and religion!  We need hope and the possibility of better things for our lives, even if that glimmer is gained through Marvel, Disney, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Lady Mechanica (steampunk) or any venue, genre or community that can be named!  We need these lights at the end of the tunnels, the sparks ignited by imagination and flamed by internal strength!

The 1800’s had Horatio Alger’s newsboys who lived on the streets, mostly without parents, and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to become successful!  Then there were dime novels prior to comic books where determination and grit was pronounced and provided through pictures into realtime encouragement.  Since then we’ve had comics of every kind come our way to provide an outlet for those who could not find anything else!  Lots of imaginative and real characters or ideals have inspired us; Decoder rings, spy codes, telescopes, Harriet the Spy, Nellie Bly the reporter, Florence Nightengale the brave nurse, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Elenore Roosevelt, Rita Moreno, Billy Holliday, Wonder Woman, I Dream of Jeanie, Jackie Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Gloria Steinem, Madonna, and most recently Michelle Obama and Barabara Walters, Rhianna and Caitlyn Jenner – all persons that may not relate or speak to everyone but who are inspirational to many.

Let’s make it so that the idea of hero is truly taken into consideration in order to allow all people in all categories to have their role models and inspirational characters (even if they are just fictional and trending at the moment)!  Where’s our Black Widow to include among them for those of us she resonates with?

More comic images of Black Widow can be found at:

Disclaimer:  Thoughts above are the express opinion of the writer.

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