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Warner Bros Wins Wrestle for Superman

Superman rights

It has been a big year for Superman. The Man of Steel movie, several new comics including Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman, and Superman got a girlfriend… as he and Wonder Woman hooked up in the pages of Justice League. Add to that Superman turns 75 years old and you would think he year couldn’t get any better…

Well, it did. A long running legal battle over the rights to the big blue boyscout has finally ended as Warner Bros was awarded the legal rights to the Superman property. This was the second time that the rights were disputed as Warner settled with the family of Jerry Seigel in the past and has been battling the family of Joe Schuster for that last year. Warner Bros finally won their appeal and now has full rights and ownership of Superman. This should make it easy for them to now push forward with that Batman/Superman movie next year, right?

Now if Marvel could just take a page from this and battle for the rights to the X-Men, since they did get the rights back for Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and the Fantastic Four. Superman and Wonder WomanIt is good to see that DC Comics and Warner Bros are getting their ducks all in a row. Now if they can just try to create a cohesive comic book world between their TV shows and their movies the way that Marvel is attempting, all fanboys will be in heaven. Well, except for the ones that will sit around and whine because a costume is just not right or that Batman should be tougher or that Megan Fox should play Wonder Woman. Get over it. This is all about seeing our favorite characters come to life and not just in an animated way. It can be fun and enjoyable and not have to completely accurate. Think of the movies as a “reboot” of the universe. God knows that we have seen enough of that to choke a horse.

Anyway, congrats to Warner Bros for finally settling their case and it is good to hear that all parties are satisfied.


Batman/Superman #1

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