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Warren Worthington III Gets ComicBooked!

Who says only Ben Foster makes a good Warren Worthington III? (lol)

I’m Warren Worthington III (Real Name: Miguel), an avid X-Men fan, an X-Men cosplayer (I cosplay Worthington for the Philippine X-Men Cosplay Team), a mutant by heart! I’m Filipino and I’m here to bring you X-citing and X-traordinary stuff about the world of Marvel.

Whether you’re craving for reviews of X-Men Second Coming, or just looking for updates on the upcoming Marvel-based movies like X-Men: First Class, Thor and Captain America, Warren Worthington III is here to cover everything and anything that the Marvel World encompasses – comics, movies, TV series, video games and even cosplay!

“Mutant mutandis”

Check me out at and the Philippine X-Men Cosplay Team at

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Great outfit:) welcome to comicbooked

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