Was It Good? Sharp Objects Spoiler Free Review.


Sharp Objects, a television miniseries based off the Gillian Flynn book of the same title, just concluded it’s 8 episode run on HBO Sunday night. I won’t dig too far into the actual plot details but here is a *Spoiler Free* review of the series.

Sharp Objects stars Amy Adams as Camille Preaker, a reporter in St. Louis sent to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to write a story about the disappearance and murder of a young girl. Once there, she navigates the demons of her past, a dysfunctional relationship with her family and a gossip heavy community on her journey to the truth. The ultimate question here is: Was it good? YES! I really enjoyed this series. The difficulty here is to appease the group of viewers, like me, who read the book before starting the series. In this case, Marti Noxon, the creator of the show, did a great job of capturing the tone of the book. Key scenes from the book have been visually translated extremely well and new scenes were added to help move the story along, and I have to tell you, I don’t have a problem with that.


I can’t talk about this series without talking about the amazing acting performances. Amy Adams’ performance easily deserves an Emmy. She captures the emotional fragility of Camille so well that it’s easy to forget you are watching Amy Adams. Veteran actress Patricia Clarkson plays Adora, Camille’s mother, and her chops are on full display in this one. The biggest surprise was the role of newcomer Eliza Scanlen who plays Camille’s younger step-sister Amma. It was great to see a series with such great female performances.

Sharp Objects is a series that relies on it’s great character development and acting performances to push the story along. At times, there are slow points during some episodes but it’s needed for the overall story arc of the series. Themes of family relations, the handling of mental health issues and the notion of “my sister’s keeper” are present throughout the series while under the cover of a classic “who dun it” story. If you have HBO Go or access to HBO On Demand, I highly recommend binge watching this show.

My Score: 4/5

My Question: What series are you watching/binging right now? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Alright since you’re now the third person to tell me to read & watch this I giess I know where to go once I finish re-binge-watching some GOT lol

Kelsi Hutchison

Castle Rock!!! Such a mind bending drama. Was just cleared for a second season, rumors say, totally different cast. Could be interesting!

I’m in! Next on my list to read so I can binge watch as instructed! 😊

Yes!!! Do it.

Started watching…. not too bad so far. I will have questions 😉

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