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Was it Good? Solo: A Star Wars Story. Spoiler Free!


Well, we got Star Wars in the summer folks! I got a chance to see a good ol’ midnight showing of Solo. Here is my *Spoiler Free* reaction.  Now, to be fair, I usually give a movie two solid viewings before I give a review, but since this is a holiday weekend, I thought I’d give my reaction a little bit early.

Was it good? Yes. But it was not great. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of things that this movie did right. We definitely get that tingly feeling of being back in the Star Wars universe. Where the original trilogy has more of an epic feel, this movie relies heavily on character development and chemistry. This is where I feel it falls a little short. Young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, has great moments of humor and wit throughout the movie but it felt kind of one note as the movie progressed. The star of this movie was definitely Lando Calrissian played by Atlanta star Donald Glover. His interactions with the rest of the cast channels Billy Dee Williams but adds his own level of swag. I desperately hope the rumors of Lando getting his own movie is true because he was fantastic. His droid, L3, had some pretty great and hilarious moments, as well. Another show stealer is Chewie. With no understandable dialogue, he definitely makes his mark.

We get the usual amazing score that goes along with most Star Wars movies which adds to the amazing action sequences and, in certain moments, reverts us back to previous moments in the original trilogy. For the Star Wars super fans, you get nods throughout but the casual movie goer can still watch without feeling lost. The dialogue gets a little corny, at times. I found it distracting at some moments but forgivable. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very fun, popcorn movie stuffed full of great moments of humor and romance. It looks fantastic and the C.G. works really well. But, there are definitely some eye roll moments and questionable writing.

Overall, Star Wars went heist movie with it’s story of young Han Solo. It will keep you entertained but it won’t blow you away.

My Score: 2/5

Movie Question: What’s the Star Wars origin story you’d want to see made?

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I had a feeling Donald Glover would steal the show, he’s a pretty great actor and can play anything from the dorky comedy of Community, to the solemn undertones in Atlanta. Definitely another movie to add to me and Dillon’s ever growing date night list haha

You should see it. It is fun but it might not be too too deep!!!

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