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Wayne’s Comics Podcast 73: Sam Johnson of Cabra Cini and Geek-Girl

Wayne's Comics, podcast, Sam Johnson, Cabra Cini, Geek-Girl,

It’s a special Halloween episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast!

This week, comics creator Sam Johnson returns, talking about a special Halloween story with Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman, and the return of Geek-Girl, among other projects he’s busy with! We also discuss his continuing ambition to script Marvel’s Deadpool as well as some other comics-related things, so you won’t want to miss it! To buy IF-X #3 with Cabra in it, go to this link!

Then Gianluca Glazer joins me to discuss ‘News & Previews,’ and everything wraps up with my reviews of the latest comics!

Don’t miss it! To listen to this episode, go to this link or to the Podcasts page here at Comic Booked! And check out Adam Cheal’s review of Geek-Girl #0 here on Comic Booked!

Wayne's Comics, podcast, Sam Johnson, Cabra Cini, Geek-Girl,

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Whoah, did you actually reference Underwater Welder? I saw a review of that somewhere and always wanted to read it!

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