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Web Comics Wednesday! – EVIL

Evil Inc by Brad Guigar

Long time readers of Web Comics Wednesday will be aware that the very first edition of this section was dedicated to HEROES. Well, I figured it was only fair to give some facetime to the flip-side of that equation, and look at the a few comics that concentrate on EVIL as well. Well, that reason, and they all threatened the lives of our families if we didn’t. But regardless, check out the very best of EVIL below!

If you’re new to this, here’s the scoop: Each Wednesday we will showcase five indie web comics. Each will be categorized and will be judged by ART, STORY and APPEAL. This will give you an opportunity to support indie artists and the amazing work they do.


Evil Inc by Brad GuigarComic: Evil Inc.
Story & Art: Brad Guigar

About: Evil Inc. is about a corporation run by and for super-villains. Join the CEO (Chief Evil Officer) Evil Atom,a Silver-Age-villain-turned-businessman; Lightning Lady, a recovering supervillainess; Dr. Haynus, a brain-in-a-jar symbiotically joined to a puppy dog; and the rest of the employees who give a new meaning to “punching in” for the day.



Minions by Kevin Kneupper and Matthew PetzComic:
Kevin Kneupper
Matthew Petz
About: Minion is a six-issue series by Kevin Kneupper and artist Matthew Petz about two unemployed, unmotivated losers who take jobs as henchmen to an evil villain. Because – well, because Shark Week was over, and what else did they have going on?



Scapula by Aidan CasserlyComic: Scapula
Story & Art: Aidan Casserly
About: Scapula is the story of the World’s Worst Villain…’worst’ in every sense of the word.  Scapula is a frustrated, downtrodden man in a somewhat-scary skeleton costume who fights to prove his worth.  To do that he’ll have to stake his claim in the underworld, competing with the likes of crazed super-villains, monsters, gangsters, lunatics and other troubled minds.  It’s going to be a tough trip.


Precocious by Christopher J PaulsenComic:
Story & Art: Christopher J. Paulsen
About: Precocious is a comic strip revolving around four children who might just be a tad too smart for their own good.

They children attend the Poppinstock Academy for Gifted Children, founded to provide a special curriculum of education for children of elementary school age who have tested at a high enough level to merit such attention. The school’s official mascot is the Poppinstock Visionary. There’s no getting around the elitist nature of the school, but the kids can at least take pride that their advantages are a form of meritocracy rather than plutocracy. (Not that a meritocracy doesn’t have its own issues…)


Story & Art: Ben Bourbon
About: Bearalzebub is the ruler of a special hell set aside for naughty teddy bears. As such, he has no reservations against indulging in pleasures that the living would have to take in moderation and can often be seen perched upon his throne, (toilet) with a beer in one hand and a magazine in the other, while smoking a cigar. He sees the need to maintain order in his domain and does so with the assistance of the ‘Daivas of Decadence’. Because of them, his workload is rather moderate and he mostly just supervises and relishes in the plush carnage


Want to share your favorite indie web or print comic? Feel free to comment below! I would love to add them to my list. Also feel free to visit my Facebook Wall to chat with these and other Indie comic creators.

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