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Web Comics Wednesday – Fantasy

By Nate Piekos

There are no set rules to the FANTASY genre. Basically, if you can think it, it fits. Whether it’s swords and sorcery, an enchanted guitar, or a boy dressed like a cat, the idea of fantasy can encompass nearly anything. Today’s Web Comics Wednesday delves into five different comic strips that each deal with fantasy in their own ways.

If you’re new to this, here’s the scoop: Each Wednesday we will showcase five indie web comics. Each will be categorized and will be judged by ART, STORY and APPEAL. This will give you an opportunity to support indie artists and the amazing work they do.


By Nate PiekosComic: Atland
Story & Art:
Nate Piekos
About: High adventure! Lowbrow humor! The RPG-er’s ultimate strip is here! Created by Balmbot Comic Fonts’ Nate Piekos, Atland is the story of Barry the Brave and his journey to help Lily White stop the end of the world as we know it. Barry and Lily are joined by minotaur barbarian Bruce and water pixie/thief Inky as they stumble their way through dangerous evils like elven demons of pain, mucus maggots and zombie whales.


By Michael SextonComic: Everblue
Story & Art: Michael Sexton
About: Everblue is a story about adventure, camaraderie, and exploration in a world with a potentially bleak fate.

In a world of endless ocean, a young shipwright named Luna meets an odd and cheerful drifter when he crashes his flying boat on her city’s dock. When strange circumstances force Luna to leave her home, her once quiet life quickly takes a turn for the unpredictable. In an instant she is swept up in an adventure that will take her beyond the bounds of the charted world and into the Everblue, following the path of an ancient legend with the potential to change the world forever.


By Kate AshwinComic: Darken
Story & Art:
Kate Ashwin
About: Darken is a webcomic set in a Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy world, featuring a cast of morally ambiguous or outright evil characters led by Gort, lord of hellfire. It is based on a story by Mike Foulks. Though the comic is no longer updating, with an archive spanning back all the way to 2004, there is plenty of story for new readers to enjoy.


Written by Phil Brucato, art by Bryan Syme and Sandra BuskirkComic: Arpeggio
Phil Brucato
Bryan Syme & Sandra Buskirk
About: Teenaged bard Meghan Susan Green discovers her literally miraculous talents – and learns how dearly such gifts can cost – in the urban fantasy series Arpeggio.

Created by author Satyr, artist Syme and editor/ letterer Sandi, Arpeggio explores fear, fame and friendship in hidden places. As Meghan pursues her musical talents, she literally changes the world around her. To what end? Stick around and find out.


Story & Art: Dommo Sanchez Amara

About: Turbo Defiant is an online graphic novel written and illustrated by Dommo Sanchez Amara. An urban fantasy of epic proportions about friendship and the mysteries that lie within our dreams; full of magic, monsters and robots…everything for the new age comic book reader!Updated once every week in Protobunker’s very own crafted Turbo Interactive Mode and also in Standard HTML for mobile devices, Turbo Defiant is a true manifest of the internet’s independent spirit and proof that the best things in life are FREE. Sit back and enjoy!


Want to share your favorite indie web or print comic? Feel free to comment below! I would love to add them to my list. Also feel free to visit my Facebook Wall to chat with these and other Indie comic creators.


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Hey! Atland is actually the first webcomic I ever read!

We also have our very own fantasy webcomic, illustrated by Awkward Zombie's Katie Tiedrich. Check it out and let us know what you think:

Hopefully it's good enough to be added to that list 🙂

I can't believe you left out 'Looking For Group'! Haha Sohmer's amazing Fantasy epic!

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