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Webcomics Wednesday: A History Lesson


Hello, and welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! The back-to-school season is again upon us, but fortunately once again webcomics are here to save the day! Though this week’s selection of history-themed comics may not pass through an actually history class, they will at least ace in the entertainment department. We’ve got a wide range of more-or-less accurate historical adventures to indulge in, ranging from cavemen to JFK. Come along for the ride! All of history is waiting to be explored with the best time machine ever: webcomics!

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, this is a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented based on art, story and appeal. Enjoy!


King CavemanComic: King Caveman

Author/Artist: Devon Ryan

In her own words: After the original king took a terrible tumble down a bottomless pit, Soma, the king’s only son, 
has taken his fathers [sic] place as the caveman to rule all cavemen.

In our words: Epic cavemen adventure! And these aren’t the hairy, ugly cavemen on posters. These are smart, witty, and adventurous cavemen with advanced theories of a triangular earth and delightful political intrigue over the warring kings of the cavemen. Soma, Delilah, and others build up a colorful world of life long ago.


RomunsComic: Romuns

Author/Artist: Hugh Parry

In our words: Our next stop through history finds us in ancient Rome! Romuns is one among several collections of webcomics by author Hugh Parry. Each of the comics about the ancient Romans can stand individually, and they’re perfect for a quick Rome-related laugh. Parry’s even expanded his style throughout the rest of history, in his appropriately titled webcomic The Rest of History, which is also available on his site. The Rest of History covers all kinds of historical and not so historical tributes throughout the eras and is sure to please any history buff.


Comic: Arthur, King

Author/Artist: Rutger

In his own words: A webcomic about a king. Kinda. The comic’s protagonist Arthur works his way through quests of glory and adventure, meeting all kings of friends and foes on his way.

In our words: This comic is ex tempore in more than one sense. Famed King Arthur has been taken from medieval legend and placed in the middle of a webcomic! The comic plays out like a computer or video game in that King Arthur is continually on his quest for glory, coming across all kinds of strange characters or obstacles in his path. Most amusing is his command of archaic English that contrasts so perfectly with the more modern setting and characters.

Arthur, King



Lincoln's MustacheComic: Lincoln’s Mustache

Creator: Kellan Morgan

In his own words: This site is the culmination of a love of history plus a love of facial hair, explosions, and horrendous historical events turned humorous.  Also, vague historical references that no one gets because I’m just a bad comic writer person who doesn’t care about you, the reader.  Deal with it.

In our words: Ok, let’s face it. How can you not like a comic called Lincoln’s Mustache? Especially when it has a picture of Lincoln with a mustache on the home page? This is one of those examples of when someone decided just to go out and have fun with a webcomic, throwing in whatever odd thing he felt like. And altogether it makes for a wild, pseudo-historical adventure with all sorts of twists and turns you can’t help but enjoy. It’s updated every Sunday, so there’s always something new to make you smile.


JFKComic: Tales of The New Frontier

Author/Artist: Todd Ramsell

In our words: Tales of The New Frontier is a funky and surreal webcomic that takes place during the Kennedy administration in the 1960s. It toys with elements of the Cold War and the space race, adding amusing new possibilities and moments to that particular era—including giant robot fingers, spacesuits, and a large crew of robotic JFK’s. If that time in our history wasn’t strange enough by itself, this webcomic spruces it up in all sorts of fun ways.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics, featuring all the history lessons you don’t learn in school. If there is something we left out or a favorite webcomic you’d like to see featured in the future, please comment! We’re always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, and brilliant new discoveries make our day.

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