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Webcomics Wednesday: Behold The Apocalypse!


Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! It is now December 2012. While the masses are going gift shopping and setting up lights, others are very much aware that the end of the world is mere heartbeats away. Whether you’re brushing up on zombie defense tactics or keeping your towel with you at all times, check out the following post-apocalyptic webcomics as you prepare for the apocalypse!

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition where we showcase five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. This week, we’re looking at the apocalypse. Enjoy, and don’t get too frightened!


Apocalypse HarryComic: Apocalypse Harry

Creator: John Harvey

In his own words: a comic strip focused on the apocalypse and the characters that live in this wasted world.  Although this is set in the end, they live their lives with some familiar comforts, encountering humorous everyday challenges so they can survive. You know, like solar storms, meteor showers, earthquakes, starvation and some good old-fashion cannibalism. Harry and Peezpo are my two main characters, life long friends who have survived through the worst of it, and still like to reminisce about the old world. Yeh o.k. I’ve created this world out of a fearful fascination of what could happen. We have all thought about it… and I just want to make fun of it.

In our words: This is a light, Sunday funnies style panel comic about life after the apocalypse. Several main characters interact with each other to try to maintain some comfort of living in the radioactive wasteland. The scope is wide, and the humor is delightful, each strip its own morsel of goodness.


Circa ATAComic: Circa: ATA

Creator: Markus Rajala

In our words: After the earth is almost destroyed in the apocalypse, the survivors must rebuild civilization from all the scraps they have left over. Circa: ATA (Circa: After the Apocalypse) follows the adventures of some young scavengers in a world where ancient, medieval, and modern technologies and styles blend to make a sustainable society. A rich story-telling style and detailed world make this adventure one worth looking into.


Little Big ApocalypseComic: Little Big Apocalypse

Creator: Jon Martin

In his own words: Little Big Apocalypse started out as a series of levels in Sony/Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet. After finishing the twenty-first level, I started to work on an animated finale. Eventually, I realized that just a finale with no explanation of what took place before wouldn’t work as a piece of internet media. So I decided I’d have to animate the entire series…

In our words: 1. The world ends. 2. A doll wakes up and begins to wander around the desolated wasteland. 3. Adventure awaits. Even non-gamers can appreciate the creativity and sense of adventure that comes with such a story! The progress has been slow, but sure. Check out this nifty take on a story like none other!


NagoriComic: Nagori Apocalyptic Heritage

Creator: Miu

In our words: In the near future, a miner in a small Central American village finds a strange charm in his mine. He gives it to his son as a present. Neither knows of the potent danger bound up in the strange charm and the trouble it will soon summon. Nagori Apocalyptic Heritage is the kind of story that you know is going somewhere amazing, but you can’t see where. The charm is dangerous, but why? And what will become of the people who possess it and their lives? Each page brings the story a bit closer to a shocking realization, and each revelation only opens more questions.

Comic: Romantically Apocalyptic

Creator: Vitaly S. Alexius

In his own words: I am the captain. The year is 20__ something something. I stopped counting a while ago, and therefore not sure what day it is. Humanity is virtually wiped out by a nuclear holocaust. Me and my last squad: pilot, engie, and mr snippy, live in the wasteland ruins of tomorrow. This is my story. I am captain.

In our words: Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, great artwork, a gripping story, or something that’s just plain weird, Romantically Apocalyptic is for you. A more detailed review can be found here and information about the new musical score can be found here. Yes, it has its own soundtrack. That alone should testify to how awesome it is.


With the apocalypse looming closer than ever hopefully these webcomics can bring a smile to your face and give you a sense of peace and enjoyment—or possibly just raw terror. Please come back next week for another edition of Webcomics Wednesday, when we’ll take a walk in the Winter Wonderland of Webcomics! In the meantime, tell us if we missed anything in this week’s selection. What webcomics do you read? Afraid for the end of the world? Let us know! We love getting feedback and suggestions for future material! Also feel free to share this page with anyone you know who’d love it. The buttons on the side are there for just that purpose! It’s always fun for people to find a new favorite!

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