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Webcomics Wednesday: Cops and Robbers!

Heroes & Bandits

Hello, and welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! This week we’re revisiting a childhood favorite: cops and robbers, with a special collection featuring webcomics about cops, robbers, and even guardian angels.

Those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it is a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented based on art, story and appeal. Enjoy!

Thieves comicComic: Thieves

Author/Artist: Akumyo

In his own words: Clyde and Garrett are two good-for-nothings who survive in the slums by swindling and stealing from anyone foolish enough to let them near their wallets. At the same time they must carefully avoid the only authority in the area: Monica and her pack of stupidly loyal hyena lackeys.


The two thieves go about their usual business until one day they stumble upon who may be able to solve all their problems. A person who can out con the greatest con man, hide in broad daylight, and slip through the tightest of security.

Soon Clyde and Garrett will learn the extent of what can, and will be, taken.


In our words: In addition to beautiful artwork, Thieves is an interesting story that takes place in a world where people have quite literally become animals. Two young con-men are surprised when someone manages to beat them at their own scam, and soon they realize that something much bigger is afoot. This is an independently printed comic in addition to a webcomic, and it has a prequel that gives much more information about the strange world that this story takes place in. A more in-depth Comic Booked review of Thieves can be found here.


Bee PoliceComic: Bee Police

Author/Artist: Ronald Neal

In his own words: Matt and Jake are your average college students. They live in a town so far out-of-the-way they named it Podunk. Unfortunately, the government, spies, ancient aliens, demons, and other monsters bent on world domination ALSO like out-of-the-way places.

In our words: This is an eye-catching webcomic that throws a couple normal college students in the middle of a sci-fi adventure, and also chases around a couple of mysterious bees that keep showing up. The plot is still accelerating as more and more things show up—in the meantime, this is a fun way to spend your time and toy with the question of how some justice-loving bees can save the world from evil.


Heroes & BanditsComic: Heroes and Bandits

Author/Artist: Raquel “Rocky” Ormsby-Olivares

In her own words: Based off the Gothic Country band the author/artist was in, this comic is about a skullcowboy who plays the guitar, a saloon-cowgirl who sings with her pet cow, and an Indian who plays the drums. Together, they fail miserably in getting gigs and performing shows, in hopes that one day they can ride into the sunset in a blaze of glory.

In our words: This highly unusual and somewhat nonsensical gothic webcomic is set in the Old West. It features a cowboy whose head is literally just a skull, a sassy Indian girl, and a lone cowgirl. Although there is not much of a plot going on, it is a fun town to visit and puts a snazzy spin on the traditional Western motif. This comic blends modern taste and old class in a way that is hard to keep from liking, and though due to family reasons it has been put off since March, the author hopes to resume it soon.


Tale of OutlawsComic: Tale of Outlaws

Creator: Dome Zsofia

In our words: This webcomic also takes place in the Old West, but it has a more serious bent. Attractive young Carol Spencer is taking a train to visit her aunt in the Dakota territory. Then the train is held up by a gunman, and the adventure begins. There is a hook to reading this comic: it’s written in Hungarian. But for those of us who are not skilled in that language, the author provides a very helpful English translation at the bottom of the page, so long as you don’t mind some awkward scrolling. This webcomic is especially well done and deserves a look.



Angel GuardianComic: Angel Guardian

Author/Artist: Reenave

In her own words: Kyrsiel is a young apprentice of Guardian Angel. His teacher, Gersiel, is responsible that he achieves a successful test mission to graduate. Moreover, Gersiel may not continue his evolution as Angel until Kyrsiel, who is his last student, graduates. And this is not easy!

Both will play an important mission on Earth. Will Kyrsiel do it successfully or will he fail again?

In our words: Two guardian angels are supposed to fulfill a mission on earth, but how can they do it when they have so much trouble getting along? Gersiel has almost earned his full status as a guardian angel—all he has to do is train one more student. Unfortunately, the student he is sent, Kyrsiel, would much sooner hang out and daydream than carry out drab orders. They are given the assignment to guard a young girl on earth, and in order to help with that have taken on human form. If they work together, it should be an easy task.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics, featuring the classic cops and robbers. If there is something we left out or a favorite webcomic you’d like to see featured in the future, please comment! We’re always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, and brilliant new discoveries make our day.

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