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Webcomics Wednesday: Insert Self Here

Teach English in Japan

Hello, and welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! This week’s theme is, well, you. Seriously. Not necessarily someone like you, but possibly even you yourself. The selections are mostly workplace comics, by real working people and about real working people in real working situations. Whether your field is retail, in an office, or teaching English overseas, we have something special for you!

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, this is a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented based on art, story and appeal. Enjoy!

Punching the clock

Comic: Punching The Clock

Creators: Rob Humphrey and Jeff Manley

In their own words: Welcome to the Buy Lots, home of Punching the Clock- a weekly series based on the adventures of our very own employees in the wonderful world of retail sales! The Buy Lots brand spans over 1500 stores in the US alone- and hundreds more all around the world! During your employment here, you may have questions about the company, a specific policy, or even what to do when unexpected “customer situations” arise. Fear not! Feel free to use this site as a resource for all of your needs.

In our words: If you have ever had a job “punching the clock,” this is the comic for you. Not only is the comic fun and creative in itself, but the spirit of Punch The Clock spreads throughout the whole site in such a way that it’s hard to tell where the comic ends and where real life begins. Complete with orientation, employee files and employee discounts, this is a workplace transformed into a comic!

Geeks Trying to be Funny

Comic: Geeks Trying to be Funny

Creator: Christian Rivera

In his words: Geeks is about computer engineers in their twenties. It is based on the lives of computer engineers working in a real R&D company in the Philippines whose name and location are confidential. Most of the characters are also based on actual people. Some, however, are based on certain traits of several people. This is to keep the number (and interactions) of the cast manageable. Geeks trying to be funny came from a snarky comment made by a former employee of the undisclosed company when another tried to crack a joke about certain events in the office.

In our words: Geeks and non-geeks alike will love this hilarious look at the life and musings of professional computer engineers. In addition to funny comics that are posted regularly, Christian Rivera also posts the inspirations behind them, completing a fabulous picture of life’s more amusing moments.

Promises, Promises

Comic: Promises, Promises

Creator: Jules

In their own words: Promises Promises is a glib look at diet, fitness and all of the struggles and successes that come with achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Promises Fitness is the name of the posh suburban club staffed by Fiona, Trish and Shanta, three well meaning and cheeky fitness professionals, doing their best to keep a very resistant membership in peak condition.

In our words: They say laughter is the best calorie burner, and who can help liking this one? From the opening comics to the latest, this is one series that is sure to give you a smile, no matter what your workout experiences have been. It’s cute, and immediately you get that good feeling of hanging out with your good friends.


Teach English in JapanComic: Teach English in Japan

Creators: Jonathon Dalton and Jeffrey Ellis

In their own words: This is a collaborative webcomic by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton. This comic is based on Jeff and Jonathon’s experiences teaching English in a foreign country. Jeff taught in the city of Kofu, Japan for two and a half years, and Jonathon taught in the Myauli Taiwan for a year. They work collaboratively on the scripts, and Jeff creates the finished art.

In our words: As anyone who’s ever traveled extensively overseas will tell you, there are surprises, and there are bound to be situations that you didn’t see coming. This comic covers a full year in the life of someone who decides to go and teach English in Japan. It starts from when James Kelley makes the decision to go to Japan and gives an terrifically accurate impression of the adventures of living and working abroad.


Two for One ComicsComic: Two for One Comics

Creators: Meeuwes, Jeff Manley, Mr. Pantz, Sherief, Ryan, Tobias Neal

In our words: Two for One offers several webcomics and is updated several times a week. The comics are fantasy and adventure, when it comes to genre—so where do you fit in? Every week, in addition to updating their own comics, the creators allow one comic from a guest contributor. If you take a look at the wacky comics on this site and feel inspired to make a one-page comic yourself, you can submit it, and who knows? You might be the next contributor.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics. Even if you didn’t find yourself directly as one of the people featured, hopefully you got some pleasure from looking on the brighter side of life. If there is something we left out or a favorite webcomic you’d like to see featured in the future, please comment! We’re always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, and brilliant new discoveries make our day.

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I was quite happy to see the Teaching English comic on this website! I am part of the Cloudscape Comic Society created by Jeff Ellis.

Amanda Sautbine

I'm glad you like it! It was fun to review.

Thanks for covering Punching the Clock! We appreciate the exposure and are excited that you enjoyed it!

Amanda Sautbine

Thanks everyone for great comments! I'll look into the websites you've recommended, and it was my pleasure to review the ones above!

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