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Webcomics Wednesday: Kickstarter Showcase

Webcomics Wednesday

Author’s Note: Some of these Kickstarter campaigns may have already been funded or have ended by the time you read this. One took place over a year ago and is long over. Still, they’re awesome comics, and Kickstarter is a fabulous way to show your support!

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! This week we’re going to celebrate and support fabulous webcomics that want to take their existence a step further—to the world of print. To those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Kickstarter is a fundraising campaign used for many purposes. If you donate to something and it reaches its goal, you get an awesome reward. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to pay a cent. So what is there to lose?

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition at Comic Booked where we showcase five webcomics with a shared theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. The following webcomics are all currently raising Kickstarter support to bring their stories to the world of print—every dollar is welcome, and the rewards are well worth it.


eraComic: Era: Convergence

Creator: Irene E. Lee

Kickstarter Link:

In her own words: The story focuses around a man named Velias who is incredibly loyal to his company, Darkwood Incorporated, and will do anything he can to protect it. Unfortunately, things go bad for him when a rebel girl, Sakura, finds enough evidence to take down Darkwood for good.  This leaves Velias with no other choice but to kidnap Sakura’s younger sister, Suzuran, to use as leverage. But Suzuran is the most clueless, hyperactive girl that the world has ever seen! Will Velias stand a chance against her? Or will Suzuran’s innocent personality end up warming his heart?

In our words: From reading the plot, Convergence appears to be a pretty typical Manga, but you need only to read a few pages to see what more it has to offer. The art is stunningly detailed and accurate. The characters, especially Suzuran, are loveable from the moment you meet them, and the plot has some fabulous twists from the start of the story. Definitely worth a look.


UltrasylvaniaComic: Ultrasylvania

Creators: Jeremy Saliba and Brian Schirmer

Kickstarter Link:

In their own words: In this alternate history of 19th century Europe, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a certain Egyptian resident don’t lurk in the darkness – they’re world leaders, struggling to hold their nations together amid assassination plots, romantic betrayals, and political intrigues. That’s the world of our story.  The setting.  And a couple of the major players.  But, it’s about a great many things – love, loss, mistrust, espionage, the murkiness of “truth” – and hope in the face of all of that.

In our words: There have been many stories of alternate realities and alternate histories, but never one like this. King Dracula? Frankenstein on a throne? What’s the world coming to? Perhaps even more delightful is the variety of artwork done by eleven talented students in all different media. Watercolor, pen and ink, digital—somehow not clashing at all but instead working together to make an even richer story.


subcultureComic: Subculture

Creators: Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan

Kickstarter Link:

In our words: This is a comic for the geek in all of us. Packed with pop culture references and inside jokes, Subculture is about a bunch of geeks in a comic book store. A bright cast of characters make it funny, touching, and just plain awesome—and with six years of material there will be something for everyone here.





aikoniaComic: Aikonia

Creators: Katie Tiedrich, Timothy Ian Hely, and Andrew-David Jahchan

Kickstarter Link:

In their own words: Enter Aikonia, a world filled with magic and treachery. The delicate peace struck between the world of magic and the world of ma is at risk. The divide is crumbling and the entire world could be literally thrown into hell. Those entrusted to protect the kingdom serve on the Council of Magi, working from within the Institute of Magic to control and teach the use of magic. But when the thirst for power clashes with those who seek to protect the realm, who will emerge victorious?

In our words: The plane of our world and the plane of magic are in a conflict with each other bigger than anyone could imagine, and it’s up to the council of Magi to save the world! Though it’s fun as a webcomic, Aikonia is only a precursor to a game of the same name, currently being developed by MADSOFT Games, inc. Check it out!


Wizard SchoolComic: Wizard School

Creator: Kevin Kneupper

Kickstarter Link:

In his own words: Bumblebane’s Magical Academy of the Wizarding Arts has a new student – a chosen one, destined to save humanity. And he’s a complete and total d—.

In our words: Ok, if it looks familiar, that’s probably because we have featured it before on Webcomics Wednesday. The reason it’s here now is because of its fundraiser so that there can be a run of hard copies to give away on free comic book day! And it really is an awesome comic. Nothing like Harry Potter at all.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics, and please come back next Wednesday for another delightful showcase! These are each excellent comics, and through Kickstarter you can personally show your support and make them available to more readers! What is there to lose? Also, we love getting feedback and suggestions for future material. Feel free to tell us of any awesome comic-y Kickstarter that needs special support! Even if you don’t have money, feel free to share this article with people who would also love to support something brilliant.

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I wonder how someone decides whether to do a kick-starter or go the free web comic route.


Other than the ridiculously hard to say title, I think Ultrasylvania looks pretty cool.

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