Webcomics Wednesday: Long Live the King!

King of the Unknown

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! No matter what your political affiliations are or whether you love or hate the thought of the American presidential election in the next week, you can probably look back at a time when you longed to live in an ideal Medieval kingdom with kings and queens and knights in shining armor. If so, you’ll love these webcomics featuring kings and queens of any and every kind.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. Please enjoy this week’s selection of all the royalty there never was.


King of SlackersComic: The King of Slackers

Creator: Tobias “Tobey” Svalås

In his own words: Basically, The King of Slackers is a webcomic based loosely on my own life. The comic started out as a strictly Swedish affair called “The Blogg”.  But for instance if I watch the Dark Knight on DVD, then I’ll make a comic about Batman.

In our words: Ok, so he’s not technically a king. That we know of, at least. But this semi-fictitious autobiographical webcomic is loads of fun. The cast especially shines from page to page, and there’s something whimsical about the whole idea of Cthulhu moving into the protagonist’s apartment.


King of the UnknownComic: King of The Unknown

Creator: Marcus Muller

In his own words: In a world where everything we’ve been told is not quite what it seems and danger lurks around every corner, there is only one man who can save us from the impending apocalypse: The King of the Unknown! But there are some threats that even the King can’t handle alone, and that’s when he calls on the Masters of the Unknown: a ragtag team of mythological comrades that he’s assembled over the years to but the dark forces of the supernatural in their place. From deep inside the hidden headquarters of the Institute for Research and Study of the Unknown (IRSU), the King leads this elite team of legends. Always at his side are his good friend Leonardo Da Vinci (his spirit in a robot body, to be exact), Grace Connor, the group’s latest specialist in cryptozoology (and object of the King’s romantic advances), and Agent H, head of a secret branch of the CIA and one-time rock icon. With these guys on the case, the forces of evil don’t stand a chance!

In our words: If you’re looking for a king, an impending apocalypse, and a little bit of rock and roll, this is the comic for you! A collection of irresistible elements collide in King of The Unknown, giving it an appeal to pretty much everyone.


Dorm KingComic: Dorm King

Creator: Fuugen

In her own words: Lisa has just got into the school she wanted but there’s no place in the girls’ dorm so she has to stay with the boys… On top of that, with the most strange guy, who calls himself the “king” of the dorm…

In our words: This beautifully drawn online manga is amusing and witty as it follows the dramatic effect of one girl sleeping in too late to grab a room at her new elite high school. After taking the only key left, the key to the guys’ dorm, Lisa is shocked and embarrassed to find herself the only girl on the floor. Her roommates, though nice, are, well, guys, and worst of all is the strange young man who is referred to as the king of the dorm.


Lumia's KingdomComic: Lumia’s Kingdom

Creator: Tamar Curry

In his own words: …What would you do if you were visited by the naked king of Knadds? …And what would you do if you found out you were the new queen of Knadds?

Such is the fate of poor Lumia Artois, daughter of King Lumiere XI and Myriam Artois. After her (greatly hung) father vacates the kingdom of Knadds, she is kidnapped and forced to take over his position, becoming the first queen in the entire world to rule without a king. Now Lumia must set out to try and bring some semblance of order and stability to Knadds. The question is, what will kill her first: her sanity, or the very citizens that she serves?

In our words: This comic is amusing and brilliant, with an ordinary village girl suddenly becoming queen of a kingdom that she has never even heard of. Lumia must learn to put up with all the eccentricities of the royal house and discover her identity as the queen of Knadds without getting killed or having the kingdom fall to ruin.


Kill the KingComic: Kill The King

Creator: Masa

In his own words: “Kill the king” started in 2006. It was awarded Manhwa Readers’  Prize of Korea in 2007.

In our words: “Daddy” is the code name for the chief benefactor of a school and orphanage. Every week, Daddy gives boxes of supplies and knick knacks to the children individually, but one week he includes something unexpected. Because he’s dying quickly of cancer, he wants one of the children to inherit his estate. Enclosed in the box is a king of clubs. Children are to keep their cards in good order and then by Thursday send in a card belonging to someone else. It sounds easy enough—why not simply exchange cards and send them in? But one of the students is up to something that could turn everything on its head—card forgery. The intellectual challenge makes for an interesting read, as friends grow to suspect friends and one simple task becomes a nightmare.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s look at the world of royalty, and please come back next week for another selection of Webcomics Wednesday. In the meantime, tell us if we missed anything in this week’s selection. What webcomics do you read? Is there something that we haven’t featured yet that we should? Let us know! We love getting feedback and suggestions for future material!

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