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Webcomics Wednesday: Season’s Greetings!

Webcomics Wednesday

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! The Christmas season is well underway by now, both in our universe as well as in the universe of webcomics. Whether it’s presents under the tree, or Santa’s reindeer, or an all-new vampire story to obsess over, we’ve got it covered!

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition where we showcase five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. This week, we’re bringing you a selection of holiday greetings from the world of webcomics. Enjoy!


Last WordsComic: Last Words

Creators: Christopher Hemsworth and Julia Kinsman

Greeting: Twenty-Six Terrible Toys of Christmas

In our words: Advent calendars are especially popular in December, and this is one of the best! Every day, gloomy but humorous webcomic Last Words releases another announcement of a horrible toy to receive as a present. Today it’s sequined socks. Anyone else feel the need for a White Elephant party?



Hawt ChickComic: Hawt Chick

Creators: Justin Lamothe and Ian Tougas

Greeting: Merry Christmas!

In our words: For those of you who don’t know it, Hawt Chick is about a bunch of militant baby birds. The nerdy humor is at its best for this re-gifting special that demonstrates just what happens when you try to get rid of the terrible Christmas gifts listed above.


Dinosaur SantaComic: Dinosaur Santa Comics

Creator: Ryan North

Greeting: Ho ho ho!

In our words: No, the title “Dinosaur Santa Comics” does not mean that it’s about a dinosaur Santa. Rather, it’s a humorous discussion between Santa and a dinosaur about Santa, Christmas, and presents. And whatever else happens to come up.






Secret SantaComic: Comic Fury

Creators: Various

Greeting: Secret Santa II: Santa Harder!

In our words: Comic Fury is a webcomic host, not a comic itself. But one particularly popular discussion thread this time of year is Secret Santa II: Santa Harder!, where the different creators share Santa-related comics for the enjoyment of all. A merry discussion, indeed!





Santa Vs. DraculaComic: Santa Vs. Dracula

Creators: Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus

Greeting: RUN!!

In our words: Last on our list of Christmas greetings is perhaps the most preposterously delightful of them all. True, Santa Vs. Dracula is not actually a webcomic (though it started out as one). Actually, only the first few pages are even available online, though hopefully the full length graphic novel will be released before long. But the idea of the North Pole being invaded by vampires is enough to thrill many an audience, and the opening teaser pages are definitely worth a look!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomic greetings, and please come back next week for another edition of Webcomics Wednesday! All of us here at Comic Booked wish you the very best this season, whether it’s riding sleighs or battling vampires. In the meantime, please let us know your favorite webcomics! We love getting feedback and suggestions for future material. Also feel free to share this page with anyone as a special Christmas greeting. The buttons on the side are there for just that purpose! Who doesn’t need a good smile now and then?

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