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Hero By Night

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! Superhero comics have been popular for generations, but sometimes the wait from one issue to the next can seem far too long. While you wait for the next issue of your favorite Marvel series, check out the following webcomics! We have everything from familiar spin-offs to completely original superheroes and new superhero-style adventures.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, this is a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. So check out this week’s superhero comics. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next favorite superhero here!


Hero By NightComic: Hero By Night

Creator: D. J. Coffman

In his own words: The story revolves around a young man, Jack King, who discovers the hidden lair and belongings of a long lost super hero from the 1940’s/50’s. Instead of suiting up to become the hero himself, he plans on striking it rich by auctioning off the hero’s journals to the highest bidder online. Little was he aware that the highest bidder would be none other than the original hero’s arch nemesis, The Iron Talon. A new hero is born when Jack is forced to make a decision…. get rich quick, or save the people he loves?

In our words: Fans of the classic Watchmen series will especially appreciate this saga that covers the adventures of a mid-twentieth century masked hero and then ties into the present with a young man discovering his costume and journals. The adventures are cerebral and clever, and the comic itself is very well written and illustrated. Especially reminiscent of Watchmen is the delightful scrapbook style that the journal portions are written in, drawing the readers into a story filled with excitement and intrigue.


StealthComic: Stealth: A New Hero for a New Millenium

Creator: William Satterwhite

In his own words: Stealth is the story of Allen White- a young man who gains amazing powers after an accident that should have taken his life. After a personal tragedy, Allen vows to use his amazing abilities and dedicate his life to fighting crime and protecting the innocent.

In our words: A masked superhero has been rescuing victims of crime while defeating villains in Terminus City, now starting to attract some attention. Nothing is known about him, though people have begun calling him Stealth and watching for him in the night. Meanwhile, straight-A student Allen White is struggling in school for the first time because of his new hobby: Allen is Stealth. As the young man tries to balance the different parts of his life while attempting to remain anonymous as Stealth, the story builds around him as any good superhero story would. This comic is filled with action, mystery, and high school.


Super-PeersComic: Super-Peers

Creator: Kirk Brown

In our words: What do superheroes do in their spare time? For those of us who have asked that question while dreaming about owning super powers of our own, Super-Peers is a webcomic that answers that question. This webcomic has a large cast of all different types of heroes with a broad range of powers. There’s something here for everyone, and this brightly colored look at life as a superhero is definitely worth a look.





Assassin of SuperheroesComic: Assassin of Superheroes

Creator: Alessandro

In his own words: In a world where justice is assured by superheroes, what is to become of the human society within the increasing of reliance towards superpowers?

Fearing the worst, a group of people took an extreme resolution.

In our words: Fae is a girl who has problems. Her father, a superhero, was murdered, leaving her an orphan. However, she is quickly adopted—by the same people who killed him. As a young superhero herself, she is now at their mercy. In the larger spectrum of things, people are divided about superheroes. The definition of justice is twisted as people struggle over control and power. This webcomic is gripping from page 1 and keeps getting better.


Axiom-manComic: Axiom-Man

Creators: A. P. Fuchs

In his own words: One night Gabriel Garrison was visited by a nameless messenger who bestowed upon him great power, a power intended for good. Once discovering what this power was and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope in a city that had none.

In our words: Swashbuckling! Axiom-Man is both a print and webcomic filled with fast-paced action. It follows in the footsteps of many traditional superhero comics and is filled with all the same valor, action, and great sound effects that bring it to life. Also present are the things that set it apart from other similar comics, such as the nature of Gabriel’s “gift” and the unusual messenger who brought it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics and all of the superheroes present in them. Adventure is one thing everyone loves in comics, and these ones are filled with it! Please come back next week for another Webcomics Wednesday. In the meantime, tell us if we missed anything in this week’s selection. What webcomics do you read? Is there something that we haven’t featured yet that we should? Let us know!

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