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Webcomics Wednesday: The Food Chain

Strawberry Death Cake

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! The food chain is something we learn about as children, and then typically we don’t think of it again unless we suddenly realize that we might not be on the top, after all. This week’s selection of webcomics focuses on the higher links of the food chain and with the delightful experience of eating in general.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. This week is the food chain in action! No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something delectable in this delicious serving of webcomics!


Work SucksComic: Work Sucks—So Does the Food Chain

Creator: Kaz the Jester

In his own words: Gayle and Terra live in a world where the animal kingdom didn’t end up at the top of the food chain. All sorts of monsters did, and for the animal-kin of the world, ending up in the clutches of a hungry carnivore is just a daily obstacle. However, that’s the least of their worries. Gayle and Terra need to find work. On their way to a job interview, they end up getting inhaled by a giant monster named Zeppy. Lucky for them, its belly is the home of Kaz, the Jester, who is looking for help taking care of the immense creature. The world inside Zeppy might turn out to be more than the pair bargained for, with new friends and rivals to meet, all while avoiding becoming monster chow. Not only does employment suck in this world, but so does belonging so low on the food chain.

In our words: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live inside of a monster, here’s your chance to find out! Work Sucks is a funky webcomic that blends the everyday with the unheard of, mostly centering on the latter. It’s sure to bring some flavor to your day and keep you amused for some time.


Sparkles the UnicornComic: Sparkles, The Flesh-Eating Unicorn

Creators: Hannah Elizabeth

In our words: He’s cute and colorful, a loveable unicorn, and you will never find him in an episode of My Little Pony. That’s because Sparkles the Unicorn is a psychopath with an appetite for flesh and blood—especially human flesh and blood, but any will do. He loves using his horn as a weapon and honestly doesn’t understand what’s wrong with killing people and wreaking havoc left and right. Even though this comic has been in a state of hiatus for almost a year, it’s still very much worth a look because of its humor and ingenuity.



Meaty YogurtComic: Meaty Yogurt

Creator: Megan Rose Gedris

In her own words: Jackie Monroe’s town is cursed. Anyone born there will die there, and all the time in between is riddled with nothing but calm mediocrity. Jackie is determined to beat the curse and make something of herself, or as she puts it, “Live a life someone would want to read a book about.” But Jackie’s impatience and easily distracted nature make it hard for her to get anywhere. One week she’s going to be an astronaut, one week she’s going to be a rock star, one week she’s going to be a politician. She’s been in college for ten years now, still with no clue what she wants to do. The story mostly focuses on her attempts to accomplish her crazy goals.

In our words: You will be either relieved or terribly disappointed to learn that there is, in fact, no actual “meaty yogurt” in this comic. On the site, it’s explained that the title came from the pronunciation of the word “mediocre.” The comic itself is fun to read and very well drawn, a unique way to make everyday life look much more interesting.


Burger ForceComic: Burger Force

Creator: Jackie Ryan

In her own words: In a secret facility located beneath the Burger Berserker takeaway, undercover operatives set aside thick shakes and fries to thwart assassin line-dancers, nefarious dating agency schemes, and cock-rockers gone (even more) wrong. Into this strange world wanders the even stranger Mercury, a hapless young man with an unusual and unwanted talent. The burger team is tasked with discovering whether Mercury can help save the world as they know it or if that world needs saving from Mercury.

In our words: Suddenly, flipping burgers for a living sounds much more exciting. This webcomic is formatted like a fast-paced action movie. The photographic artwork is stunning, and the story is brilliantly carried out in an irresistible fashion. Suspense, scandal, adventure, social misfits…. Would you like spies with that?


Strawberry Death CakeComic: Strawberry Death Cake

Creators: Elliot Dombo and Greg Carter

In their own words: Strawberry Death Cake is a Webcomic that follows the adventures of monster hunters Marylin, Kendall and Jessica.

In our words: For dessert, we have a sweet but deadly special following three female monster hunters—kind of like Buffy, only with three times the sass. Demons, Grimms, and other monsters lurk around every corner, waiting to be hunted down. And it’s up to our heroines to do it! This comic is an especially good read with Halloween right around the corner.


Hopefully, there have been several selections from this week’s menu of delightful webcomics that have piqued your interest. Please come back next week for another flavorful Webcomics Wednesday. In the meantime, tell us if we missed anything in this week’s selection. What webcomics do you read? Is there something that we haven’t featured yet that we should? Let us know!

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