Webcomics Wednesday: The Sound of Music

The Cat and the Fiddle

Hello, and welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! This week is centered on music, and there is something here for everybody’s taste—from classical to pop to absolute silence. Some are more centered around the music, and others focus on the musicians. Either way, the sound is something pleasant to anyone’s ears.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, this is a weekly tradition where we choose five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. Enjoy!


Danger Vision: Bad Music ZombiesComic: Danger Vision: Bad Music Zombies

Creators: Brandon Blackburn and Francisco Ruiz

In their own words: A has-been 80′s rocker-turned morning DJ who gets fired. As revenge, he broadcasts a song over the airways that turns listeners into zombies. Due to the developing apocalypse, Nas and Nik, a couple of 20-something couch potatoes, must venture out into the streets to get the electricity back on. After a close call with some moo-ing zombies, they barricade themselves in a record store where they find the DJ’s ex-band member, who is the only person who knows how to reverse the armageddon… with ROCK!

In our words: If there was ever a musical about a zombie apocalypse, this would be it. Danger Vision toys with the idea of hearing a really horrible song on the radio with the worst possible outcome—listeners turning into zombies!


The Piano Tuner's NieceComic: The Piano Tuner’s Niece

Creators: Meg Lyon and T. Stimac

In their own words: The Piano Tuner’s Niece is a graphic novel about Ari, the teenage niece of a reasonably successful piano tuner who lives an ordinary life until a mysterious stranger shows up and monsters start chasing her. Suddenly she finds herself at the heart of a conflict older than humanity, a war over the very soul of mankind and it is up to Ari to either save the world — or destroy it. And if the bizarre supernatural troubles weren’t enough, she still has to deal with being a teenage girl in the modern world and all the problems that entails.

In our words: Fabulous characters, artwork, and situations collide in this fun webcomic. It’s gripping from the very start, when this girl is being chased around by monsters while insisting that she’s perfectly normal, or at least, that she was perfectly normal when she woke up that morning. Fantasy adventures are met with contemporary teen life, blended with the art of tuning pianos. Beautiful!


1977 the comicComic: 1977 The Comic

Creator: W. Byron Wilkins

In his own words: “1977” is the story of Bud, Jeff, Lorraine and Robyn, four friends trying to become rock ‘n’ roll stars in the late 70s, but somehow always missing their target. Together they find the road to fame and fortune littered with it’s fair share of obstacles for their band called “Plan 9”. From sexist bar owners, to dealing with their own families, the 1977 gang faces every day challenges in their never-ending quest for a Gold record!

In our words: 1977 is fun and nostalgic, a giant flashback as a man tells his daughter about his adventures as a bass player in a rock band in the 1970s. The webcomic is fun look at life as a rock star in a band, blending the good and the bad with all sorts of troubles thrown in for fun.


Adventures in SilenceComic: Adventures in Silence

Creator: Mayja Walsh

In our words: This is a comic about the opposite of sound—silence—and the life of a young deaf oracle as she grows into adulthood. This is a comic featuring English and several varieties of sign language, making it a different read from other fantasy comics. The purple-haired protagonist uses sign language and telepathy to communicate with others. This is still a new webcomic and as of yet has only a few pages of material, but it promises to be a fascinating and unique adventure.


The Cat and the FiddleComic: The Cat and The Fiddle

Creators: Jessica and Kieran

In their own words: A Magical Musical Adventure featuring a mysterious religion trying to control the world and a wandering violinist that must casually try and save the world without having a clue how to.

In our words: The world is a giant hourglass that turns over every five years, but it hasn’t always been that way. What happened to change it? Would you believe it was all on account of a violin? This fantasy webcomic blends humor and adventure with musical madness, making for a delightfully breathtaking tale that is worth a look for anyone who likes music and is looking for excitement in another world.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics. Music is something that we all enjoy, though it takes many forms, and when partnered with the fun of webcomics it’s hard to go wrong! If there is something we left out or a favorite webcomic you’d like to see featured in the future, please comment! We’re always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, and brilliant new discoveries make our day.

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