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Wednesday What If…? Dead Edition

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Dead EditionZombies are all the rage lately. This Wednesday What If is called the Dead Edition. Everywhere you look there is a movie about zombies or a TV show about zombies or comic books about zombies. Whether they are walking, shambling, shuffling, or disco dancing, zombies are almost as powerful as Wolverine, if they are in something it will sell.

Most of this fear comes from the inherent fear of death and decay. There is also an aspect of zombies that we find appealing. Many of us want to think that there is life after this one, but in the meantime, the possibility of coming back as a zombie will at least give you purpose in your life until whatever judgment befalls you. Of course that purpose is to devour your fellow man, especially the brains and marrow. Yum.

So, comics. Marvel Zombies, Army of Darkness, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Deadpool, Army of Darkness, and the list goes on. There are tons of comic books with some sort of zombie theme to them. There is even a whole company that does zombie themed comics, FUBAR. We love comic books and we love zombies. Now we just need to pit the right ones against each other.

What If… Ash Williams from Army of Darkness was thrown into The Walking Dead universe?

Dead EditionWhy not? One of the best zombie/Deadite fighters in all of comicdom fighting against one of the most popular zombie infested worlds. Blood would run and heads would roll. This could be one of the goriest comic book series ever!

That’s all I’ve got. Almost like my brain was eaten by a zombie. Maybe I am running out of ideas. What can I do to make this column more interesting? I can do a Top 10 List!

Top Ten Hero/Zombie Mash-ups We Want to See!

  1. Wolverine vs. Zombies (SNIKT! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  2. Punisher vs. Zombies (BLAM BLAM!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  3. Deathstroke vs. Zombies (HACK, SLASH, POW!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  4. Aquaman vs. Zombies (GLUB GLUB!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  5. Deadpool vs… oh wait, that just ended.
  6. Harley Quinn vs. Zombies (HAHAHAHA *SMASH*!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  7. Batman vs. Zombies (EAT ROBIN!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  8. Luke Cage vs. Zombies (CAN’T BITE ME!!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  9. Superman vs. Zombies (ZAP, SPLORCH, BAM!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)
  10. Aliens vs. Predator vs. Zombies (HISSS!!! CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! BRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!)

I can just imagine the battle raging between the acid-dripping aliens and the tech wielding Predators as the horde of zombies are trying to eat both their brains. Who knows what sort of Alien mutations you would get from a face-hugger implanting a zombie with an egg. Just think on that carnage for a while.

Come back next week as I continue to dredge the depths of my imagination for more of the What Ifs of the comic book world. Who knows, it may be sick, twisted, or even entertaining. Comment with any subject that you would like me to deal with. I would love your feedback (sarcastic tone).

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