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Wednesday What If…? Cosplay Edition

Out of Time

In my Wednesday What If column I like to bring out ideas and issues that people are sometimes afraid to express. One of those issues revolves around cosplayers and how they are viewed in the comic book fan world. Cosplay, or costumed play, can be a wonderful way of expressing your love of a character, team, show, movie, or video game. Many people take great care, time and effort, putting their heart and soul into the costumes and props. Such passion is to be observed and rewarded.

What IfWalk through any comic convention and you will see multitudes of people dressed as anything from their favorite mutant to their favorite Pokemon. This is usually the highlight of my convention visit. I love to see the levels of creativity. No one should ever be discouraged from trying a cosplay outfit. Most conventions anymore always have a costume contest and those must be awesome to judge. Even these guys deserve some love.

One example of a great cosplayer is Naomi Von Kreeps. You can check out her page on Facebook. She dresses up for cosplay, pin-ups, and just for fun. She has some great pictures on her page of cool Assassin’s Creed cosplay, Black Widow and Black Cat, and some very good Star Wars costumes. A big thanks to Naomi for allowing me to use this great picture.What If

How do I top that? I saw a great video last year that had Justice League versus Avengers from one con. It was cool, so I wanted to include it here. This was made at DragonCon 2013 as a tribute to the great George Perez.

[youtube id=”aylk7nx0dx0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

So, all of this is great, but how does it factor into this week’s question?

What If cosplay went so wrong that there was no saving it?

You know there have been times in your life when someone shows you a picture of their kids and they say “Aren’t they so cute?” and all you can say to yourself is “Thank God I am not Pinocchio,” as you say “Of course they are.” Sometimes, this happens to cosplay. You know you have seen it, but if you deny it, just wait. Some things cannot be unseen.

What IfWhat IfWhat IfWhat IfWhat IfWhat If

Now, earlier in my article I said that no one should ever be discouraged from trying a cosplay outfit. The truth to that is, please try it on at home and look at your self in the mirror. If you think you look great, please get a second opinion. Everyone has a passion and maybe yours is not making awesome costumes, maybe it is just writing about them. I will never be out there dressed as Captain America, muscles bulging, but I do own a Captain America shirt that I bought a Wal-Mart. From some reason that doesn’t work the same way those Holiday Inn Express commercials work. “I know I look like I lost a bet and had to wear this costume, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” But, did you look in the mirror? Obviously not.

What IfI am not one of those to say that all cosplay is good cosplay because it allows people to express themselves. I would ask anyone, no matter what you are wearing, to check the mirror before you leave home. People can dress up. No issue there. And you have to expect that a column dedicated to cynical unfurling of the secrets of comicdom with little or no reverence, would have to take opportunity to make fun when it can. No offense is meant or directed at any one individual. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. I still love you all. And to prove it, here.

So, let the insults fly. Fill my comment box with how terrible I am. Or just take this article in the spirit of idiotic ranting that it is meant. I promise that next week’s column will be better… although it may not have as many boobs. Sorry.

Thank you for stepping outside of yourselves and making fun of everything. That is what Wednesday What Ifs are really all about. No reservations, no hurt feelings, no reservations (twice for good measure). Just everything that is on my brain about one topic.

Please, leave your comments below and let me know of a great cosplayer or an awful cosplay picture out there.

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