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Wednesday What If: Didio Edition

Out of Time

I use this column of asking what if as a forum for talking about things that make you wonder. I had an interesting Twitter exchange with Dan Didio last week. Jeff Hill, our Chief Creative Officer, has a weekly column called Stir the Pot Saturday and he was talking about who we all thought DC Comics would reveal as the “big bad” as the Forever Evil storyline comes to a close. Many great comments flew back and forth, as you can see if you check out that column.

So, I, being the Managing Editor and great guy that I am, thought it would be really cool to send this out into the Twitter-verse and see who might have a reaction to this question. I sent it out to many of the DC creators hoping for some hint or some acknowledgement that we were at least in the correct universe. What I got was very surprising.

What If

Amazing right? This really made me wonder about what he said. And, it is a great idea for this week’s Wednesday What If…?

What If… Dan Didio’s superpower was to be able to banish people to other universes?

This would explain a lot. How else could he have risen to his place of near ultimate power over the DC Universe? Banishing his enemies and promoting his lackeys… umm, I mean, friends and colleagues. Sorry.

The pre-New 52 Universe is someplace that many people would hate to go, because they love the changes that have been made to all the characters (well, maybe not ALL the characters) and they want to see where things go. However, there are others who would see this banishment as a blessing rather than the curse it is intended to be. Of course, I am not one of “those people”. Never… please don’t banish me.

What IfJust like the Crime Syndicate laying waste to three different Justice Leagues, the Wrath of Didio could be destructive. This wrath has allowed the deaths of many characters so far. Just remember that Didio joined DC in 2002 and within three years Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, was killed setting off a massive chain of events that ultimately destroyed multiple dimensions and Earths and finally, reordered the entire universe. Coincidence? I think not.

All of this to say what? We love you, Dan Didio! Please don’t displace us in time and space!

Please understand that this article is all in fun. I do not worship Dan Didio, nor do I worship or idolize any comic book creator or publisher. I write this stuff because I have my own column and I can write whatever I want, so there. If you want to write your own column some day, we are looking for writers and we would love to talk to you. Also, if, by some amazing chance, Dan Didio, or any comic book creator from one of the major publishers, reads this and finds it even the least bit humorous, we would love to chat about providing you a weekly forum to talk about comics in general. Other sites have that guest each week or month that drops by to do a quick blurb, and that is all we need. Just comment below and someone, probably me, will contact you.

Thanks for playing. Sorry, but you don’t even get a lousy copy of the What If…? Home Game this week. Be thankful, the game is really boring. However, you can get your What If…? fill by checking out prior issues. Stay tuned here for news, reviews, and crazy stuff (couldn’t rhyme with reviews), all through the week and who knows what questions will be asked and answered next week. Until then, Get Comic Booked!

What if….the Didio did-eo what we think he can?


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