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Wednesday What If…? Out of Time Edition

Out of Time

Out of TimeTime is a big deal. Being a writer for Comic Booked, I have a terrible crushing sense of time as deadline after deadline presses down upon my head like a pillow held in place by a smelly serial killer. Yeah, there are times that things slip by, but I always try to be on time. This week my topic is Out of Time…

We never really know how much time we have to do things, to talk to people, to achieve greatness, and to… Oh, sorry, time’s up for my intro, so let’s get on with the question. But, you can get that cool clock here.

What If all the Time Displaced heroes/villains went home?

Out of TimeFirst we need to run down all of the time displaced folks in the comic book worlds. These are people who use time travel or were sent through time by various means and now reside in times that are not their own or, worse yet, timelines that only exist because they came back or forward in time and made changes. One great example is the storyline from Uncanny X-Men that the upcoming movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is based on.  The obvious ones are folks like Booster Gold, Kang (all versions), and the young X-Men. Of course we have to remember Cable, sent to the future as a child and then sent back to the past to save the future… just like a weird version of the Terminator. Then there is the entire Age of Ultron storyline. In DC, where do I even start? Superman, Supergirl, and multiple other Kryptonian refugees spent long years in space traversing the universe, so they are technically living in a time they were not born into.  Maybe reaching a bit there. For all the time traveling folks, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man 2099, The Doctor…

So what if they all just went home, or better yet, they had never traveled in the first place. Maybe they can all travel back (or forward or sideways) in time and stop themselves from traveling. That would sure make things a little easier to unravel. It would surely collapse a few comic book series since the the whole premise of a couple of the X-Men books depends on having the young X-Men in the current time. What would happen to “The Trial of Jean Grey” if Jean Grey were where she should be?

Out of TimeI think what I will probably just do it get in my Waybac and go to last week and stop myself from even having this idea in the first place. We would all be happier. You would not have wasted 10 minutes of your life reading some inane jabber in a column that is just me rambling like Jerry Seinfeld without the annoying whiny voice (What is up with all this time travel?). Everyone would be better off. So, turn the dial to last week, hit the button, and later folks… or earlier. Whatever.

Tell me who I missed! Leave a comment with your favorite time displaced hero or villain. Be creative.

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