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What If…? – Deadpool Edition

Out of Time

What If…? I loved those books from Marvel that would explore different scenarios and give us glimpses into how things turned out in other worlds. Taking form from that idea, I want to create a forum for discussions that transcends a simple “Who will win between….?” discussion and take us to deeper meanings within comics.

This is the start of a new weekly column where I pull from my massive catalog of knowledge that, while normally useless in the real world, can actually allow me to put together some cool comic related ideas. I hope that this generates some debate and discussion. So, how to start this one off?

DeadpoolI like Deadpool. I don’t know about you, but I know that a lot of people feel like he is just a stupid rip off of Deathstroke from DC. While he may have been created as a sort of parody character, I feel like the last couple of years have brought a lot of depth and expansion to who Wade Wilson really is.

First, “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” showed us what Deadpool was capable of in rebellion against his creators as he proceeded to kill every hero and villain across the entirety of Marveldom. Deadpool Killustrated took the search for an eternity outside the realm of comics to classic literature where Deadpool was determined to kill the foundational characters of each Marvel hero or villain, such as killing Pinocchio thus destroying The Vision or killing Captain Ahab would destroy the idea of General Thunderbolt Ross. Finally, at least so far, we have Deadpool Kills Deadpool where the Deadpool from the previous series continues his homicidal rampage by killing every version of himself in all alternate worlds.

Evil DeadpoolWe are left with the ending to this series as Deadpool, the one from Earth 616, walks away from the carnage considering what the evil Deadpool had told him. That maybe he was the progenitor of all things, since he can heal himself, even from having his head blown off. We have even seen, in Evil Deadpool, that pieces of Deadpool can be sewn together and a new creature can be created.  And, we have seen that Deadpool, or at least one version of him, can break the fourth wall and travel outside of the normal realms of character existence, even into the worlds of literature and the real world, as we saw at the end of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Why have I taken you through this thrill ride of all things Deadpool? Mostly so that you will see the things that have lead up to my thought provoking question of the week. Hopefully this is the start of a great weekly tradition.

What if Deadpool is the center of all creation, the end all and be all of everything? This might explain why he has been on all those alternate covers and why he showed up in most of the books over the last few years.

I’ll start this off. If Deadpool is a Beyonder-level being, perhaps subconsciously shaping all reality around himself, and truly only Deadpool could kill Deadpool, then the Marvel Universe could be in for a real shake up if his mind was ever truly repaired. The fail-safe that protects the fabric of reality could be the fact that parts of his memories are blocked off never to heard from, similar to Wolverine’s lost childhood memories. Could we soon see some sort of Deadpool: Origins storyline where everything he thought he knew was a lie? At the very least, I am excited to see the showdown between Deadpool and Evil Deadpool, as a Highlander-ish sort of “There can be only one!” battle for who is really worthy to wield this power. Is” Night of the Living Deadpool” just a clever gimmick playing on the popularity of The Walking Dead TV series? I hope not, as I would like to see Cullen Bunn continue his romp through the campiness that is Deadpool’s style, using his wit and skills to take on the zombie apocalypse, but still bringing us a little further along in our exploration of who Deadpool is and what he means to the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool pimpSo, you have heard my ideas, now give me your ideas and your theories about Deadpool and about what we can expect to see from him as things develop in the future. This is not to be a session of bashing or character hate, just a way to bat around some cool ideas and just have some fun. I look forward to seeing what you folks can come up with and what new things may come to light because of what we do here. Have at it!

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