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What Makes a Good Comic-Themed Slot Machine?


Slot machines have become incredibly popular, which has made them big business for casinos. Online casinos have been able to tap into this popularity by creating many comic-themed slot machines. Whether it’s a Marvel or DC comic, chances are, there are multiple slot machines dedicated to the character.

But what makes a good comic-themed slot machine? It’s all well and good being themed on your favourite comic book hero, but if they’re not fun to play, you’ll soon turn away from them and search out fun alternatives, which you can find here:

Let’s take a look at their popularity, what makes a good comic-themed slot machine, and the best ones you can play.

Why are they popular?

Take a look at the film industry and you’ll see why slots game developers are lining up to create a slot machine based on the latest film release. Superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the Avengers have made big bucks with popular film franchises.

The fact that people queue up day and night to watch the films, it’s unsurprising that their transition into slots games has seen the franchise boosted further. The popularity of the films has been replicated in the slot machines, as those casino fans who also happen to be comic book fans give their favourite superhero slot a try.

A strong theme

It may sound obvious, but making sure the slot machine features the main character and contains relevant icons and bonus games can turn an okay slot machine into an amazing one.

Although they don’t need to be related to any films produced, it can sometimes help lure in the casual slots player if they are. With superhero movies being so ubiquitous, a slots game based on the film is more likely to help catch the attention of slots players.

Good vs evil

It’s not only useful to feature the superhero in the slot machine, but also, to feature one of the hero’s most recognisable rivals. By having the villain as part of the slot machine, it helps to develop a story, and people love good vs evil storylines.

If the slot is good, then it will have a strong plot arc and, if there is a bonus game, a showdown between the superhero and villain adds to the strength of the game. Making sure that the build-up to the bonus game helps to build the suspense and ultimately produces a better pay-out at the end.

Graphics and animations

When slots games feature fantastic graphics and animations, it allows us to suspend reality in the same way we do when we’re immersed in a film.

If we’re faced with a choice between a boring three-reel slot machine and a well-built comic book slot machine which features clear, crisp graphics and animations when certain symbols have lined up, then it’s pretty obvious which one is more appealing.

In bonus games, producing good animations featuring the hero and villain help add to the appeal of the game.

Best one to choose from

There are plenty of comic book slot games, but you’d be best of looking at Superman: Man of Steel to get your fix of comic book slot games. It features Superman and villain General Zod, who battle for Earth.

When the two collide as wilds in the reels, a bonus game is started in which you get free spins. These free spins can produce some big wins, making it all the more fun. It’s definitely one to try out on your search for the perfect comic book slots game.

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