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White Cell Inoculation #4 and 5 Review

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Created/Written/Art/Lettered by Nick Melanshek

At this point I think it’s fair to say that I’m a big fan of White Cell Inoculation and the direction Melanshek has taken his comic. A lot of times creators get stagnant and complacent in their storytelling but Melanshek has been consistent with the story and it’s really just gotten better and better. The plot has thickened and character development has gone into new territory of intrigue and espionage. One of the things I have enjoyed about the character development is how their tied directly to the factions of the White Cells and the West. The intertwining of character and plot is a wonderful success and a stellar example of fine writing. I can tell Melanshek thinks about his book daily and is always plotting ways to further the plot, see what I did there, pun’s a plenty. Seriously though, the plot is just now starting to heat up to the point where it’s a page turner, if this was a trade I would probably stay up late just to finish or find a more suitable stopping point because now I’m biting my fingernails waiting on issue six. Luckily issues four and five came pretty quick and with any luck Melanshek will bust out more with a quickness or come out with the end so it can be made into a trade. I will probably pick up all the individual issues but I also wouldn’t mind having it in trade for the look on my bookshelf.

Melanshek has been extremely consistent in his art but being that he is the sole creator it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The color palette remains the same throughout but Melanshek has introduced some larger scale things like the West base and the West’s large airships as well as the Nexus base that we saw in previous issues. Another thing that I enjoyed but is not necessarily that big of a deal is a map of the factions at the start of issue five. I like it because it gives a scale of the conflict and puts the fight into perspective. As I said it’s probably not the biggest deal but I like things like that, it just adds a little something that gives me a feel for the scope, and it really gives me a look at what the White Cell’s are up against.

All issues are available in print at Freefall Comics website and issues one through four are already available on Comixology so I’m sure issue five will be following soon.

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