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White Cell Inoculation #6 Review

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Created/Written/Art/Lettered by Nick Melanshek

Coming to the end of a series is one of those love hate things with me, I love resolve in a story, but I also hate to see it go. With White Cell it’s been a fun ride and one of the things that makes it so sweet is knowing that Melanshek has more projects coming down the pipe. White Cell has been one of my favorite indie creations, mainly due to the fact that Melanshek has produced it completely on his own. I have an undeniable amount of respect for Melanshek’s skill as a creator and I hope that White Cell Inoculation is only the beginning for him.

With a single creator and a single direction White Cell has stayed consistently good and on point from the start. The White Cell team has grown together as characters and with the plot in tandem as the world they live in became more and more clear. Melanshek’s writing was always smooth and to the point, never a wasted line or comment, and everything lead directly to this issue. Malenshek has a perfect storm of interesting protagonists and grim antagonists that make the storytelling important and make those critical moment really tense. This last issue is intense all the way up to the payoff and the payoff itself is worth the entire six issues. I’m going to cherish this run and more than likely continue reading anything Melanshek does.

Although Melanshek’s art has been consistent I still feel like I see growth in the style he has and the feeling of advancement in overall style. There are two particular areas I feel Melanhek has improved; first, the background colors, second, the lettering. The background colors have always been his thing, he has a theme throughout that’s overtly apparent but his skill in blending the background seems to have really been polished. His use of background color to convey certain things about the characters in the panel or show the side of the characters allegiance has been what is consistent but like I said his skill has improved and is lovely to see first hand. Melanshek’s lettering is also something that has been consistent but his use of unconventional dialog balloons and captions has grown. I count at least three different dialog balloons used within the first few pages and a fourth used about halfway through the book.

The theme is growth and if you want to check out White Cell Inoculation and see the growth for yourself then you can check out print at Freefall Comics website and digital on Comixology.

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