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Who Are The Runaways? Castings Announced for Hulu Show

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With the working title “Rugrats”, Marvel’s drama series ‘Runaways’ is set to begin filming in just over a week. The show, based on the much loved Marvel comic book characters created by Brian K. Vaugh will be heading to ever-popular streaming service Hulu (ABC Signature Studios is a co-production company).

Marvel TV Executive Producer Jeph Loeb commented on the show  a while back when he said he knew Runaways would make a great television series. Loeb also said “and being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie–who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience–write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable.”

Loeb is referring to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who are co-writers and co-showrunners for the series. They are joined by Jeph Loeb himself and Jim Chory.

But what about the cast? At two weeks out from the anticipated shoot date of February 13 2017, the world still did not know who would play these characters, these six teenagers with special powers uniting to meet the challenges of life … with powers.

“We have had a total blast bringing Brian and Adrian’s amazing story to life.  We’re so happy they love the Runaways we’ve assembled as much as we do,” Schwartz and Savage added about the cast.

Marvel has made the announcement of some of the cast, some of the core members of the Runaways: Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes (Molly Hernandez), Nico Minoru, Alex Wilder, Gertie  Yorkes and Chase Stein. It remains to be seen who will play Klara Prast or Victor Mancha.


Rhenzy Feliz – the actor who starred in Hulu’s series “Casual” – will play Alex Wilder. Born to mob boss parents, Alex grew to become a leader of the Runaways. His powers are with his mind, he genius-level intellect that serves him well throughout the stories.  He first appeared in the first issue of the first volume of Runaways in July of 2003.


Lyrica Okano – she had roles in The Affair, The Michael J. Fox Show and Unforgettable – will play Nico Minoru, the powerful sorceress born from dark wizards. Once Runaways went to its second comic book volume, Nico had established herself as the leader of the group.  Like Wilder, Minoru also first appeared in Runaways volume one #1.


Virginia Gardner – Little Bitches, Goat, Secrets and Lies, How to Get Away With Murder – will be playing the character Karolina Dean. Dead is actually the daughter of criminals who happen to be of the Majesdanian alien race. She is also the only LGBT character on the team. Dean’s powers stem from her roots in space; she can absorb and project solar energy.


Ariela Barer – know for roles in Weeds, New Girl, Modern Family, Yo Gabba Gabba and Liv and Maddie – will be playing Gertrude Yorkes, who sometimes refers to herself as Gert or Arsenic. Gert was born to villainous time travelling parents. Gert herself does not have physical powers but she has a very special telekinetic link with a dinosaur named Old Lace.


Gregg Sulkin – Wizards of Waverly Place, Pretty Little Liars, Anti-Social and Faking It – has landed the role of Chase Stein. Chase is the son of mad scientists and is the olded of the group. Similar to Gertie, has has a psychic link to Old Lace, giving him the ability to command the deinonychus at will. Stein also wear very powerful gauntlets that draw energy. At one point, he and Gert dated.


Finally, Allegra Acosta – American Girl, 100 Things To Do Before High School – has been cast as Molly Hernandez, the youngest member of the group.  Molly is the only mutant on the Runaways team but is super powerful, her abilities include invulnerability and superhuman strength.

As further casting and show details are revealed we will bring them to you.

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