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Who is Working Harder Right Now? Spider-Man or Batman?


Currently Batman and Spider-Man seem to be working overtime. With DC’s universal reboot and The New 52, Batman already has several titles like Batman & Robin, The Dark Knight, Detective Comics and two of the Justice League series! On top of all of those, Batman Inc will be returning soon. Spider-Man has a few titles of his own, not to mention the team books he is featured in, the Ultimate Universe, and that his symbiote pals have titles too! Even his old clone has book now. On top of all of this, we’re getting big screen adaptations of both of them this year with The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man! With these two appearing just about everywhere in their respective universes, we ask “Who is working harder these days?” The responses have been quite interesting! Here area a few of our favorite responses!

Spider-Man or Batman


Via twitter:!/ClaymationHowl/status/157590010839830529!/Jordamus_Prime/status/157601358558670848!/Ultimate_M/status/157590341795581953

Meanwhile over on

Being a g33k– Batman is working crazy overtime
Emmet O’Cuana– Batman has Bat-interns. Exploiting the job market so he is!

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Comments (9)

As I already said on twitter, I'd say Batman works harder.

I have to give it to Bats. He is a single dad, doing HR, running Wayne, Justice Leagues, patrolling Gotham, file the serial numbers off of all his tech, and after all that he still has to work out.

…..I wish I was kidding about the Bat-intern thing.

Batman is hard at work in Arkham City right now!

Spidey called in help in Edge of Time game.

Clearly Batman – he doesn't have radioactive blood to give him superpowers.

Jay Scharfenberg

Batman. He has to decipher Band's mumbling in 'The Dark Knight RISES' prologue.

On the other hand, he has inherited an immense fortune, whereas Peter's a smart working class bloke who pulled up himself up by his bootstraps and smarts.

Whoa, Spider-Man could have have been rich anytime he wanted. HE held himself back for years. The guy is just brilliant. Even Reed Richards has noticed! Batman was born into money, but is just as smart. Tie there probably.

Mumbling goes to Bats.

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