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Who Whacks the Watcher?


The teasers are out there, maybe coming to a mailbox near you. Marvel Comics has sent out a postcard that teases at something terrible happening to our favorite real-life bobble head, Uatu the Watcher.

The Watcher's Death

This has been reported on Comic Vine, Comic Book Resources, and Digital Spy, that these postcards are making the rounds this week. On the other side, the postcards says “From your friends at Marvel”… is this an ominous warning? First the Watcher and then the world? We know that Uatu has always been a prominent part of life in the Marvel Universe, seeing all things that happen in all universes. His current appearances in FF (with his wife?) and Hunger can not be discounted either.Uatu and Wife from FF

As can be seen in the picture, we can expect to find out in May 2014, after both the current Infinity crossover event and Inhumanity coming next year. According to CBR, Mike Deodato Jr. and Jason Aaron are both connected with this project which may have ties to the Marvel Point One book published back in 2011. For those of you who may not have read the Point One anthology, this was a book narrated by The Watcher about changes happening in the Marvel Universe, but it also had two characters that were sneaking around and mentioning that something called The Unseen would kill Uatu.

For now we wait. I always liked the Watcher and felt that he was just like me, watching everything happen in the comic world, always wanting to act to change or fix things, but being sworn to just watch. The times when he helped, I was always rooting for him. I, for one, will be watching in May.

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