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Who’s Who in the New 52: Alfred

Alfred Pennyworth Picture 1

Character Profile: Alfred

Real Name: Alfred Pennyworth
Known Alias(es): Penny One
Base(s) of Operations: Gotham City
Group Affiliation(s): Batman Incorporated
Known Relatives: Jarvis Pennyworth (father, deceased)

Origin: After his father was murdered, young Alfred Pennyworth reluctantly took up the mantle of butler to the Wayne family. A talented stage actor and former field medic for the British Royal Air Force, Alfred was no stranger to tragedy and danger, so when Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered in front of their young son Bruce, it came as no surprise to him that Bruce would be forever changed. One of numerous father figures for the Dark Knight, Alfred never gave up on young Bruce, always reminding him that even though he claims that Bruce Wayne is the mask and Batman is the true identity, his parents’ name and legacy is still just as important as that of the Caped Crusader. Aiding him on his quest to become Batman and then to singlehandedly save Gotham City from itself, Alfred has always been by his charge’s side, always assisting, training, healing, advising, and occasionally even scolding Bruce Wayne. His sense of duty is only matched by his sense of loyalty to the Wayne family, their memory, and the legacy of their oldest son.

Appearing Monthly in the Pages of:
Batman and Robin
Batman Incorporated
Detective Comics
Batman: The Dark Knight

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