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Who’s Who in the New 52: Gordon

James Gordon Picture 1

Character Profile: Gordon

Real Name: Comm. James “Jim” Gordon
Other Known Alias(es): None
Base(s) of Operations: Gotham City, Chicago (former)
Group Affiliation(s): Gotham City Police Department
Known Relatives: James Gordon Jr. (son), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, daughter), Barbara Gordon (ex-wife)

Origin: After leaving the tough streets of Chicago, police officer James Gordon moved to Gotham City and eventually proved himself worthy of the position as Commissioner. Allying himself with the vigilante Batman, Gordon has been remained a moral compass and never given up hope on his city. Using more conventional (and legal) approaches to fighting crime in Gotham, he has always been a force for good, no matter what the city throws at him in the form of tragedy and chaos. Serving as the Batman’s greatest ally and even longtime father figure, Gordon has never given up his quest to rid the city he calls home of the evil that threatens to destroy it on a daily basis. Though many speculate that he does in fact know the identities of the Batman and his family, including his own daughter, the masked avenger known as Batgirl, it is safe to say that their secrets are safe with the Commissioner. After all, he is a man who believes in Gotham City.

Appearing Monthly in the Pages of:
Batman: The Dark Knight

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