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Who’s Who in the New 52: James Gordon Jr.

James Gordon Jr. Picture 1

Character Profile: James Gordon Jr.

Real Name: James Gordon Jr.
Other Known Alias(es): None
Base(s) of Operations: Gotham City (former), Chicago (former), Belle Reve Prison
Group Affiliation(s): Suicide Squad
Known Relatives: Comm. James “Jim” Gordon (father), Barbara Gordon (mother), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, sister)

Origin: The son of Gotham City police Commissioner James Gordon is a sociopath by nature and a killer by choice. After learning at a young age that he had not only a knack for but that he enjoyed manipulating and destroying the lives of others, James Jr. realized that his parents’ marital problems would only distract them from his actions for so long. Eventually, his parents divorced and he moved to Chicago with his mother, only to be institutionalized and forgotten about, as his very memory was swept under the rug and the Gordons moved on with their lives. Years later, in a master stroke, he returned to the streets of Gotham City and began his reign of terror, at first from behind the scenes. After he was revealed as the Peter Pan Killer, his revenge against his mother, father, and sister, the vigilante Batgirl, came to a violent end as his own father was forced to arrest him. But no stranger to institutions, James again escaped, manipulated villains such as the Joker, and continued to toy with his family members and those who “wronged him” in the past. He is now publicly presumed dead, after his last encounter with his sister, but secretly manipulates and plots with (and against) Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

Appearing Monthly in the Pages of:
Suicide Squad

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