Who’s Who in the New 52: Nightwing

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Character Profile: Nightwing

Real Name: Richard “Dick” Grayson
Other Known Alias(es): Robin, Batman
Base(s) of Operations: Chicago, Gotham City (former)
Group Affiliation(s): Batman Incorporated
Known Relatives: Mary Grayson (mother, deceased), John Grayson (father, deceased), William Cobb (Talon, grandfather, deceased), Bruce Wayne (Batman, adoptive father), Damian Wayne (Robin, adoptive brother, deceased)

Origin: Dick Grayson grew up an acrobat in Haly’s Circus until mobster Tony Zucco killed his parents and left him an orphan. Seeing the potential darkness that consumed him, Bruce Wayne took him in under his wing and trained him to be Robin, the first Boy Wonder. After years of living in his mentor’s shadow, the day finally came when he decided to branch out on his own and take a new identity, patrolling Gotham’s streets as the vigilante Nightwing. But one day tragedy struck again, and Batman fell in battle. Taking up the mantle from his mentor, Dick became the new Caped Crusader, albeit for a short period of time, until the true Dark Knight made his triumphant return. But don’t let Dick’s quick-witted one-liners and his smile fool you. Darkness seems to always catch up with him. After recent events led to the death of his young partner and adoptive brother, Damian, as well as countless others at the hands of the Joker, Nightwing turned his back on the Batman and the man who raised him and fled to Chicago, where he currently protects a city that fears and despises him, all the while searching for the newly-resurfaced murderer of his parents.

Appearing Monthly in the Pages of:
Batman and Robin
Batman Incorporated

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