Why Marvel Comics Are Struggling Right Now?


There is simply no denying the fact that Marvel Comics have seen their ups and downs over the years. Heck, it wasn’t really all that long ago when they pulled themselves out of bankruptcy and reclaimed their spot at the top of the comic book industry. Unfortunately, it looks like the company is back at the bottom of the barrel again. Many longtime readers and fans probably would have told you that they could have seen this coming. It is no big secret that the company has adopted some bad habits over the years. In fact, it is these bad habits as to why they are back in the position that they are currently in.

Failing To Attract New Readers

You simply cannot dispute the fact that Marvel has a large loyal following. There are some readers that would continue to read their favorite villains and superheroes just simply because they love them. However, a company cannot rely on old business alone throughout the years. And, this is simply due to the fact that costs rise. This is even truer for those looking to expand. Expanding requires taking on more employees and resources. All of which takes money. Simply put, if a comic book business wants to make more money, they are going to need to attract new readers, which is something that Marvel just can’t seem to grasp.

The Never-Ending Crossovers

It would be hard for anyone to say that crossovers aren’t fun. There is nothing more intriguing and interesting than seeing your favorite characters get together and fight crime. Seeing the different personalities mesh and collide is truly exciting. Not only this, but it opens a whole new realm of possibilities and storylines. The only problem is that all of these possibilities have been exhausted. Any gambler from maxbet could have told you that Spider-Man and Iron Man together are a winning bet, but you can only count on a lucky charm so many times before it eventually fails you.

The Stale Content

Speaking of sticking the same characters together over and over again, there are also only so many scenarios that you can put them in. Sure, everyone understands that these are superheroes and villains. One needs to be fighting crime and the other needs to be causing that crime. This is the whole premises of good vs evil. Once again, the only problem with this is that there are only so many world-ending scenarios that you can throw these heroes and villains into. Unfortunately, the content will become stale after a while, and this has proven true once again.

Will Marvel Come Out Of Its Slump

The fans are the ones that are really going to suffer. This is especially true now that Marvel is under the tutelage and guidance of the money mogul Disney. With these kinds of resources at their disposal, Marvel could keep pumping out the same old trite content and never worry about bankruptcy again. This being said, Marvel was a once unlike anything else on the market and they may eventually get back to this point.

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