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Why You Should Be Reading Saga

Everyone loves to talk about something they love and try and spread their love to others.  This is just a natural thing when it comes to comic books.  People love to spread the word about a new great comic book or graphic novel.  Well that is happening right here.  If you are one of the few people who haven’t heard of Saga or haven’t read it yet, I am going to tell you why you should check this comic book out.  Saga is published by Image Comics.

Not many people knew what to expect from Saga last year.  Many people didn’t even know who Fiona Staples was before Saga.  Most people knew who Brian K. Vaughn was, but some people were wondering if he was gone from comics too long to write another great comic book.  Well, these two people are one of the MAIN reasons why you should be reading Saga.  Fiona Staples is one of the great up-and-coming artists.  Her style is very fluid and tight with solid line work.  She was known for some cover artwork and a good (but not popular) mini-series with Steve Niles called Mystery Society, along with some other titles.  She and Brian K. Vaughn set out on a journey to create this new sci-fi comic book.  Her style fits the story so perfectly.  After reading ten issues I can’t see anyone else doing these series.  Yes, I know it is possible that another artist could work on this series, but in my mind she defines Saga just as much as Brian K. Vaughn.

Brian K. Vaughn is a masterful storyteller.  He reclaims his spot in the comic book world with Saga.  He puts together one epic sci-fi story.  In essence it is a love story but this is the recipe for many great comic book stories and all stories in general.  It has been a while since we have seen such a new and original world full of interesting and wonderful characters.  I should add different and sometimes weird characters to that sentence as well.  BKV doesn’t hold back in Saga either, so this is definitely a comic for adults with the likes of some violence and some interesting adult situations (wink wink).  He brings his style of dialogue and description to each page, but at the same time making this all-new and fresh feeling.  Saga keeps you coming back for more.

Saga Image Comics

Saga isn’t just Sci-Fi; it has parts of fantasy, drama, action (of both kinds) and horror all mixed together like a comic book smoothie or shake if you prefer.  Yes, Saga leans heavily towards the sci-fi and fantasy part but it has some amazing character elements which brings you into the life of these characters.  Even though this is some world out there in the galaxy, you can connect with these characters and feel these characters.

This brings me back to another reason why Fiona Staples is just great for this series.  She defines each characters moments with greatness.  You can see the slight smirk of a smile or the anguish a character feels or the fear one feels within. She gives all these characters life with subtle and simple lines of emotion.  You could say it is BKV’s writing that brings this out, I would say it is the magic of these two artists working on the same wavelength.  They are like Jimi Hendrix hitting all the right chords.

If you love artwork then Saga is a great comic to check out for the artwork alone as I have only hit the surface on why Fiona Staples’ artwork is great in Saga.  After the first read of Issue #1 I was like ‘Okay what is this that I’m reading?!”  But right away I noticed the art in each panel.  The simple yet slightly detailed piece drew me in.  I could tell this was going to be a very, very good illustrated book that will make the story pop out and grab you.  It was after the 2nd issue I really begin to really fall into the world of Saga.  BKV was back to writing a comic book and it was fun.  You can tell from each issue.  The emotion, the action, the horror, the weird and unthinkable all come into play through-out the series.  This is becoming one of the very well written comic books out right now.  BKV has a lot to work with since Saga is an epic tale, but I think he is ready to deliver us even more with each issue.

Saga Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Is Saga a masterpiece in the works?  It has the potential to get there, but we are just in the newborn stages of this series.  Let’s watch it mature into a masterpiece.  Trust me when I say this… Saga is on its way there!  If you don’t believe me from this just go out and read it already.  What are you waiting for!?! Go now!!!

PS – BKV or Fiona if you are reading this… Can I be a background character?  Something cool with horns or claws?  It’s worth a shot to ask right??

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Definitely in my short list of favorites. Saga could be the most entertaining comic out there.

Love love LOVE this comic series. Saga has been my favourite since I first saw the cover of the first issue. Fell in love with the characters. I can't wait for more!


Works for me. I'll check it out.


Agreed. Best new series of 2012. Long may it continue.

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