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Will Power #1 Comic Review!

Will Power

As you’ve probably read on my profile (if not, you can see it at the end of this article) I’m an 80’s/90’s nostalgic. That means I tend to get excited about things that bring me back to my childhood, yet respect me as an adult. Well, reading Will Power did just that.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m a sucker for a good story teamed with amazing art. Vince White, the artist and writer for Will Power, delivered both with page turning action and Saturday morning cartoon appeal. Sprinkle in the fact that it’s an indie book, and I was in heaven for 20 minutes.

The Story

The Legend of Will Power follows the adventures of a young high school football player named William Power and his journey to becoming one of the greatest heroes of all. The twist is young William never truly receives powers or gains tremendous strength. The secret to this living legends heroism is that it’s the universe that gets weak. Join Will as he discovers the wonders of his uniqueness and what it means to truly be a hero.

Will PowerWhy I liked it so much:

  1. It reaches a wide audience. I can see kids and parent of all demographics loving this.
  2. Both art and story feel familiar, yet the twists and turns make it stand out on it’s own.
  3. The writer succeeds at his aim for the nostalgic feel of the ’80s and ’90s -when comics were exciting, fun, big, but did not take themselves so seriously.
  4. I like the premise that the hero doesn’t get stronger but rather the world gets weaker.
  5. It’s Educational! At the end it has an after-school special page that actually teaches something.

To sum things up:

Will Power is a must read for children and adults alike. The great story, engaging artwork and the educational after-school special at the end provides something for everyone. No wonder Jim Shooter said he liked it. I look forward to issue #2!

Learn More:

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Indie comics + 80s/90s nostalgia usually = a big smile. I might have to check this out!

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