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Wizard World Madison 2015 – Massive Media Welcome Party 5 Feb



Wizard World put on a massive Media Welcome Party shin-dig in Madison 5 Feb. Cosplay, interviews, celebs, photo-ops! Party ‘On Wisconsin!’ To celebrate the launch of Wizard World Madison 2015, they held the party at High Noon Saloon, Brink Lounge and Brass Ring (3 venues in the same building). They hosted with fab eats, great locale… SO fun! (they had me at ‘Wizard World’ and ‘Spotted Cow on tap’)

Lou Ferrigno, Jason David Frank (JDF) and the Hobbit’s William Kircher were on hand for interviews with local radio anchors, press interviews and photo ops. Found out Lou loved Hulk comics growing up and his make-up for the TV show took 3 hours to put on!!! Another tid-bit was that JDF has tattoos over 70% of his body and showed us his skin to prove it…. Almost had to call 911 for the screaming ladies in the front when he lifted his shirt! Whew, I wouldn’t have been surprised if one had actually fainted… jk   William Kircher is TOTALLY hilarious! Great guy!

Wisconsin is gettin’ excited for the con this weekend! (Madison didn’t get it’s national party rep for nothing) Hype was everywhere as was cosplay galore. Refreshing to see such awesome unique costumes like the Agent Carters, steampunk, retro comics, comic costumes, Dr. Who, even active duty Army guys were there showing off their spiffy duds! (smile) Everyone was there – even saw an incognito IBOT! Freakshow, host of ‘Bordello of Horror’ was also there shooting footage for his CW57 Saturday night show and wowing the crowd with his costume. Luv’d his makeup! I had forgotten how accepting, eclectic and embracing Madison was.

Wizard World – great choice to have the new Wisconsin con here! We’re amazed…excited…pumped for Wizard World Madison madness!!!

Wizard World Pre-con party0
Wisconsin State Capital Building – Madison
Wizard World Pre-con party2
One of the three bars the party was in – awesome!
Wizard World Pre-con party3
Great costume/make-up from FREAKSHOW, host of Bordello of Horror, a saturday night show on channel CW57
Wizard World Pre-con party4
A++ cosplay ingenuity from Ms. Enterprise and friend!
Wizard World Pre-con party5
CAP was there relaxing with his lady – ’bout time!
Wizard World Pre-con party6
Another one of the three bars we were in prior to party time
Wizard World Pre-con party7
These guys! Havin’ some fun – Barney kept photo-bombing my pics! Nice!
Wizard World Pre-con party8
OOAA Army! Great local show of military members – nice fellas too! I think they might have been back-up security for CAP on his liberty.
Wizard World Pre-con party9
Star Trek – up close, this looked like a totally authentic cosplay – great costume!
Wizard World Pre-con party11
Lou Ferrigno during his interview, great stories!
Wizard World Pre-con party10
Whoa! Caught an IBOT (Iron Brothers of Topeka) incognito in the crowd! Wonder if he’ll bring his Iron America to Wizard World Madison? Hmmmm…
Wizard World Pre-con party12
Award Winning Steampunk cosplay – great lights!
Wizard World Pre-con party13
Love the Agent Peggy Carter Cosplays – counting them this weekend – we’re at 2!
Wizard World Pre-con party14
WHAT!!! Jason David Frank showing his tats to the crowd!
Wizard World Pre-con party16
JDF interview
Wizard World Pre-con party17
Love the cosplays! The Green Ranger was a great touch! What? There’s that Barney! Arghhh!
Wizard World Pre-con party19
Fantastically unique – haven’t see this cosplay before
Wizard World Pre-con party20
Another Agent Peggy Carter – love these ladies. She can get along with anyone – look – she’s buds with Poison Ivy!!!
Wizard World Pre-con party18
Another character, what a funny guy, how great! He played Bifur in The Battle of the Five Armies, William Kircher. Hilarious dude!
Wizard World Pre-con party21
Dr. Who decided to bring the Tardis to the party and jump out and hang for a minute – that’s how kool this party was!!



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