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Wizard World’s Fan Fest Salutes Chicago – Artists Galore, Comics and more!

motor city con

First ever Fan Fest Chicago hit the streets this weekend in Rosemont, IL and didn’t disappoint!  Smaller event than the regular Wizard World Chicago but jammed packed with vendors, artists, writers and celebs – everything you would expect of a regular W2 convention – sans Bruce Campbell.  No worries, we know he’s busy filming and give him a buy on this one!  The convention was a great salute and so many people came to see the cosplay – but we all know they mainly showed for the comics, celebs and artists.

Plenty of cosplayers flaunted their best costumes and horror cosplays were pretty intense, especially with Disturbia posted up in the back – scare fest!!! Good costume representation from Marvel, DC and Anime – even had an Agent Carter present.  Arghh, no steampunk costumes sighted… Many artists were on hand to talk art business, comics and the evolution of the comics to what they are today.

Artists of Interest:

Linda Lessmann Reinhold and husband Bill Reinhold.  Linda (an incredible female role model in the comic universe) worked at Marvel as a colorist with Spider-man, Fantastic 4, Daredevil, Man-Thing – among others.  She also worked at First Comics coloring American Flagg, Grimjack, The Badger and Corum.  She and Bill then came back to Marvel after First Comics, to color such classics as The Punisher, Barbie, and Silver Surfer.   Bill is working on many other diverse projects right now as well – SO amazing and dynamic!

Linda Lessman Reinhold – famous colorist, artist from Marvel

Renee Witterstaetter is a writer, editor, publisher, colorist of The Avengers,, Spiderman, Captain America, among many.  She also worked at DC on Superman and Silver Surfer and Conan The Barbarian.  She worked music videos for Madonna, Seal, Ben Harper and Usher, as well as the feature movies “Rush Hour Two,” “Red Dragon ,” among others.  She collaborates with many artists and currently is shown with renown artist Michael Golden, a frequent project collaborator with her.

Renee Witterstaetter and Michael Golden – great combo!

The Zombie King was present!  Award winning artist Arthur Suydam is a comics creator, writer and artist who worked at Marvel with zombies, Deadpool, Batman and Army of Darkness.  Suydam was recently honored with: the Spike TV Scream Award, (best writer, best artist, best comic of the year).  Cool dude!

Walking Dead artist Arthur Suydam – this guy is epic!

Other interesting artists on site were world famous Neal Adams, ‘Albert the Alien’ Trevor Mueller, Gabriel Bautista, and Buzz!  They were all friendly and eager to discuss art, drawing, color palettes and the most important thing that is near and dear to us – comics!   This group of artist at Fan Fest Chicago made the convention and trip worth while!  Another great success Wizard World!  Can’t wait til August when the largest and best comicon in the midwest area happens – Wizard World Chicago!

Trevor Mueller and Gabriel Bautista – collaborators on Albert the Alien! Great guys!!!
BUZZ – nice guy and talented!!!
Fanfest151neal adams
World famous artist Neal Adams
Gamers alley was intense!!
Batman showing his geek! No ‘darkness’ right now!
Found him!!!!
fanfest15star wars
Really love the vibe behind Star Wars 501st, great work with children, charities and wonderful camaraderie!
Fantastic Ghostbusters cosplay!
These guys are a force to be reckoned with!
Fanfest151little starlord
Little Itty Bitty Star Lord and proud pop! Awesome!!
Count Midnight! Luv him!
Fanfest151star lord
Dancing Starlord – shaking it all night long!
Vaders BFF Starlord! Wait… did Starlord tame Vader? We may never know… (photo courtesy of
Lovely little wizard in training! hmmm, she seems to be doing some sort of spell on me….uh oh, it worked… totally love her!!!
Fanfest151thin man
Scary tall, thin man…
Spidey and Doc !
Fanfest151the girls
These ladies are hot! Peggy, you’re awesome!
DIsturbia team – great cosplayers in the horror arena! Wow, got a little freaked in the back corner by them!!
New York Spock – collecting money for charity. (almost 7 feet tall) Looked just like Spock!
Love the anime and cosplay grouping – totally sweet!
These two were SO cute… Chicago Hydra with Shield agent protection? Whoa! lol! Luv you guys!
Super hero guys!
Fanfest151show stage
Fan Fest Show Stage crowd!
Disturbia zombies – great make up – looked fab!
**great cosplay**
Kick Ass is here!
These two – great stuff and uber fun mash-up!


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Nice! Love the cosplays. Aside from Neal Adams, I wasn’t familiar with any of the other artists by name…but you just made me a new fan of several. This article allowed me to experience the hallways of the Fan Fest via your photos. Looks like folks had fun.

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