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Wolverine and the X-Men series set to end February 2014

Wolverine And The X-Men #35

All good things must come to an end. This year we saw the end of things like the TVs shows Dexter and Breaking Bad. Next year brings some other endings. Some that are starting over and others that are just done. One of those things is Wolverine and the X-Men from Marvel Comics.  Jason Aaron, the writer, noted in his personal blog that he was ending the series in February, due to a full schedule, according to Comic Book Resources.

Wolverine and the X-MenAfter 42 issues, we bid a fond farewell to the story that focused on Wolverine as the head of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Jason Aaron admitted that the book was unconventional as X-book go, and he thanked his fans for supporting it. I only read a couple of issues, the issues during the Battle of the Atom storyline. That was probably not the best illustration of what the series was about.

In the end, will we really miss one more X-book? I mean, really, there are 12 books not including the Ultimate or Max titles. TWELVE?!? As far as I can find, Wolverine and the X-Men will not be getting the relaunch treatment like Wolverine or Fantastic Four. So, go out and pick up #41 and #42 in February to witness the end of an era.


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Never really cared for that title's nostalgia for silver age silliness, he's basically doing the same junk in Amazing X-Men anyway, I barely could tell it apart, felt like it was just the latest issue of this book.

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