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Wolverine: The Uprise And Death Of A Hero



When the name WOLVERINE comes to mind you either know him or you don’t. For those that don’t I feel that it’s my place to fill you in on how this fictional character has shaped the term X-Men and basically given an identity to the mutant community as a whole.  The man has many names but one in particular that he goes by LOGAN. He was born James Howlett by some rich farmers in Alberta, Canada. The character was created by Len Wein and John Romita SR. and first drawn by Herb Trimpe. If your a comic book collector (like I am) you know that his first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk #180-181.  This is one of the rarest books to obtain and for many collectors it is a Holy grail . If you are lucky enough to own this book it’s worth is very  substantial. Wolverine got a revamp  by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.  This is one of his most Iconic images .


Well after Wolverine started to gain speed on the comic train he eventually ended up being a big component to the X-Men movie series.  In my opinon the movie would’nt be as good with out Wolverine and all of his awesome costumes . In those days he’s had a couple of good costumes and some that weren’t all that great . Here is a illustration of the evolution of his costumes.Wolverine vs Wolverine

Seems like his costumes got a littler better over the years. With all the hype this past year about Wolverine’s death , it has hit me that he has gotten the X-men in and out of some troubling times. He killed the Pheonix a.k.a. Jean Grey. He’s also saved the world numerous times. He’s also gotten his adamanthyame taken away twice and given back to him . Wolverines death was an unwanted event but with an Old Man Logan on the rise did he really die ? It leaves the question burning in your head . If he did die why are more books still coming out about him ? His healing powers are what makes him invincible yet he’s dead. Only time will tell  but I have a feeling that this BUB will be back and with a vengeance !

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