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Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary


wonder-woman-c-800From looking at Wonder Woman, you would never guess that she is turning seventy five this year. But she is!  To celebrate this amazing milestone, DC Entertainment has a slew of various celebrations planned through merchandise, publishing and events.  There will be her new book – penned by superstar writer Greg Rucka –  where she proudly shows off her new costume. Rucka, during a recent interview on the new Wonder Woman title launched during DC’s Rebirth said; “This is a continuation of Greg’s run.” The goal is that this is a continuation of Wonder Woman’s story. Since it’s cast in the light of “Rebirth,” one of the things we’re all working really hard at doing is reconciling some of the incredible inconsistencies that have arisen in the 75-year history of the character.”

The Amazonian demigod Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, first appeared in the pages of All Star Comics # 8 in December of 1941. To put this in perspective, this was the same month and year that US Naval base Pearl Harbor was attacked and the same year that both Britain and the United States declared war on Japan.  Wonder Woman evoked the same powerful imagery and symbolism at the time that citizens watching the war unfold from home got from Rosie the Riveter and iconic works of art by popular, legendary artists such as  Norman Rockwell and J. Howard Miller.



Wonder Woman has always represented gender equality, justice, peace and truth.  From the evocation and social commentary of those first images and issues to today, Wonder Woman has come to represent all of these ideals, something this is still highly relevant today. DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson, in speaking of Wonder Woman’s anniversary, told People Magazine“The overall conversation that’s happening in our culture right now — about having stronger gender equality representation in media and in government and in education and all of it just makes it the perfect time to see a character like Wonder Woman out there.”



Wonder Woman was most recently seen in live action in the film Batman V Superman where she was portrayed by actress Gal Gadot. Her solo movie will be released on June 2nd 2017 and will tie in to the inter-connected DC Entertainment cinematic universe.

Perhaps the most famous actress to portray the role was Lynda Carter who starred in the TV series from  1975–1979.  Other actress whether in person or through voice acting who have brought the character to life are Lucy Lawless, Keri Russell, Kathy Crosby, Rosario Dawson and Michelle Monaghan.  But 2016’s Batman V Superman marks the first time Wonder Woman has been brought to the big screen for a live action film.  Sadly, her stand alone movie will not feature Wonder Woman’s famous invisible jet. Or maybe it will be in the background of every scene, you just won’t be able to see it!

For your invisible jet fix, you will be able to pick up a special jet from There will be other rare, hard to find and exclusive items released during this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  You will also be able to find makeups, shoes and clothes all emblazoned with Wonder Woman iconography.  These all come in collaboration with the new Wonder Woman logo, featured in this article which shows Wonder Woman with her WW logo and a large 75, marking her milestone for 2016.

So go out there, kids!  Go find some Wonder Woman comic books to read.  Whether it’s Rucka’s new run or Perez’s classic turn on the character or her Justice League books, go find them, go read them and enjoy this iconic character that has been a part of American culture for 3/4 of a century.

Invisible Jet from MattyCollector
Invisible Jet from MattyCollector


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