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Wondercon Cosplay Fueled by Box Office


Wondercon 2016  was a breeding ground for box office cosplay.  There’s no denying that the pop culture community is smack dab in the middle of some of the biggest block buster hits to date  and this is evident in the plethora of Deadpool, Star Wars, and Batman V Superman cosplays at this year’s Wondercon.  The Los Angeles convention center was packed from the lobby to the show room floor with Batman armor, Rey staffs, and Deadpool masks.  Rey (Daisy Ridley) from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the most commonly executed cosplays from women of all ages.  Standing beside Ray in all her female glory was another very popular female character… Wonder Woman!  Wonder Woman has always been a fan favorite for women in cosplay but with the brand new flick Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting theaters Thursday the 24th just one day before the convention a spark was sent that lit a fire for cosplay stemming from the new movie.  Wonder Women were all over the convention sporting the new modern look of Gal Gadot and along side those Wonder Women were Batmen.  Older variations of the Caped Crusader were not in shortage but instead a bit over shadowed.

Wondercon 2016 Friday
Wondercon 2016 Friday


Few standard (Affleck) capes and cowls were flaunted at this years Wondercon, in place was the ever popular armored Batsuit sporting LED light up eyes and metal like textures.

Thank you to @rpgadventurers and @jax_cosplay for this amazing picture.

We can’t forget our friendly neighborhood Deadpool now, can we? NO we can’t! His mouth is just to big and his presence at this year’s Wondercon was more then evident.  There were enough Deadpools that we could have all taken one home with our programs.  No convention is lacking when it comes to Deadpool cosplay but if this convention season has one thing to prove its that there will always be more room for Deadpool.  With the popularity and massive success of Deadpool as a rated R movie I for one was not surprised by the addition of a couple of extra Deadpools.  Although tons of variations of the same cosplays did command the floor this year, there were tons of highly original cosplays from Pokemon such as the @Cosplaytwiins Vulpix and Ninetales, @Ericthehuman 1920’s Joker, and last but not least @Jokeinthebox and his serious commitment to his Ken Barbie cosplay.  I am happy to report there was no lack of creativity or spirit at this years Wondercon.  I tip my hat too all those who pored so much time and effort into their costumes.


Jazz as Vulpix @cosplaytwiins
Marty as Ninetales @cosplaytwiins
Eric as 1920's Joker @eric_the_human_
Eric as 1920’s Joker @eric_the_human_
as Ken @jokeinthebox


What cosplays stuck out to you most at Wondercon 2016?

Do you think any of the Batmen cosplayers regret there choice in costume after the lack luster reviews rolled out?

Leave us a comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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