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Worst Day Ever! Review

Tenacious Comics

Co Creator / Writer – Westley Schomer
Co Creator / Artist – Luke Stone
Colors – Patrik Mock


When I think of what it would take to be the worst day ever dressing up as a hotdog during the zombie apocalypse would certainly make my list. I understand that people have to make a living, even during the zombie apocalypse, but I would certainly search for other options. Chuck, or wiener boy as his friend Hillbilly calls him, seems to be a nice normal guy who just happens to be existing during the worst time ever with the worse job ever. This book has a great feel and wonderful pacing, especially for a zombie book, it feels like Zombieland meets Shaun of the Dead and it lives up to each title with little nuances and sly nods to the aforementioned. The way that Schomer meshes humor and allows Stone to back it up and add the zombie’s for scar effect is truly a team effort. This book has all the writing style and pop culture nods need to show respect to everything that came before it while remaining original within the zombie idea and character development. There is even a wonderful little nod to Kevin Smith, a pop culture zombie killer in his own right.

As I stated before, Stone’s style really helps to tell the story visually and is key to some of the more humorous parts of the book. I mean the main character is in a hotdog suit for most of the beginning of the book and it only helps him gain sympathy from me as I continue reading. Even though the art is consistent I feel like it gets better and better as I read on and the essence of the characters really take hold. The lettering is as solid as it can get, there are not a lot of captions and the dialog balloons are what are most solid but the few places that there are actions are done very well and placed perfectly. The three essential parts of art mesh well together and it seems that this team is just getting started together.


Worst Day Ever! Is part of Tenacious Comics and Tenacious Comics is a “creator CO-OP” where they publish and imprint. Basically a bunch of awesome creator owned comic artists and writers decided to team up and create a publishing team, which I not only admire I feel is sorely needed. I commend this idea and as long as they keep making fun books like Worst Day Ever! I feel they will be very successful.

If Worst Day Ever! Seems like a book you would like to check out you can get a hold of them on the Tenacious Comics website and Facebook.  Worst Day Ever isn’t the only comic at Tenacious so I highly recommend checking out their website!

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